Sound the Alarm against TTIP!

10 Octubre 2015 - Evento

If you were a multinational, which rules would you like to change? The answer will be found in TTIP - a trade agreement between the EU and the USA - in which our rights, our health and our planet are being reduced to 'trade barriers'.

10 Octubre 2015
Jonas Daniel Meijerplein, Amsterdam

TTIP is not made for us

What we need is an economy in balance with the limits of our planet, in which we ourselves decide about our lives and our world and in which the wealth of the world is shared equally.

Our rights, our health and our planet are more important than trade interests! That's why we are sounding the TTIP alarm on October 10. Raise your voice and stop TTIP!

Do you want to help mobilize or organize? Check (Not in English though, sorry)

Directly after the demonstration we have a TTIP forum with interesting workshops. Check

Learn more about TTIP?

This protest is being organized by TNI, Friends of the Earth NL (Milieudefensie), Greenpeace, FNV (Dutch labour union), foodwatch, SOMO, Both ENDS, Aarde Boer Consument, GroenLinks, Internationale Socialisten, Partij voor de Dieren, SP,, Wemos, WILPF Nederland.