Memories of the Sandinista Revolution, Nicaragua

26 Noviembre 2017 - Evento

This Sunday--in cooperation with Filmhuis Cavia--the Transnational Institute hosts the documentary “Heiress of the wind” .

26 Noviembre 2017
Filmhuis Cavia - Van Hallstraat 52-1HG 1051 HH Amsterdam
  • Transnational Institute

In 1979, the Sandinista Revolution entered the international scene as a new blow to ‘US imperialism’, for the Reagan Administration and its allies the Nicaraguan revolution became a priority in its fight against ‘Soviet communism’.

The novel revolution had an impact in the life of many people, in Nicaragua, in the Central American region and beyond. From all over the world, also from the Netherlands, many volunteers travelled to Nicaragua to witness it, to feel it, and to contribute through voluntary work to build a new society.

After the electoral defeat of the Sandinistas in 1989, Nicaragua seems to have become a forgotten corner of the world.

According to film director Gloria Carrión “the war had a great impact and its effects continue to impact the lives of all the Nicaraguans. There’s still a great silence around these topics on a social, family and individual level. In Nicaragua there was no Truth Commission to give the victims a space to express their wounds and experiences”.

During this event we will talk about these unresolved issues in today’s Nicaraguan society and screen the documentary on the memory of the revolution, “Heiress of the wind”.

About the movie director:

Gloria Carrión Fonseca was born with the Sandinista Revolution (1979-1989) and grew up under the fear and fascination over the war and military power of the U.S. Her parents fell in love in the midst of the struggle against the Dictatorship of Somoza. With them, she experienced the rise and fall of the revolutionary dream. Now, 36 years later, she begins a search of that past through a kaleidoscope of memories that will challenge the myth of the revolution, redeeming the pain caused by collective amnesia.
Gloria is visiting the Netherlands, where her movie will have its world premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

Program: Sunday, November 26, 2017

  • 19.00 - Welcome & introduction
  • 19.05 - Screening of the documentary “Heiress of the wind”, by Gloria Carrión Fonseca (duration 88 minutes)

Documentary in Spanish with subtitles in English.


Venue: Filmhuis Cavia
Address: Van Hallstraat 52-1HG, 1051 HH Amsterdam
Entree: pay as you wish
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