About Democratising Europe

Democratising Europe is part of the Economic Justice, Corporate Power and Alternatives Programme. Over the last 10 years, TNI has exposed the flaws of the European Integration model and called for 'Another Europe' – rooted in economic, social and environmental justice. Our work on the negative social impact of the EU's trade and investment policy and the abuses of European transnational corporations in low-income nations in the South have increasingly highlighted how these policies run in synergy with EU internal policies that seek to entrench neoliberal economic policy and undermine the social and democratic dimensions of the European Union.

Read about our activities in 2012 here.

Since 2010, TNI’s work on Europe has focused on challenging key components of the EU’s recovery plan: the economic governance rules that transfers powers away from EU member states and EU citizens to Brussels; and the accelerated privatisation and liberalisation drive, most notably in public utilities and services, under the pretext of solving the crisis.

As the financial crisis has deepened, TNI and its partners have analysed the changes and their economic and democratic implications, brought them to the attention of a wider CSO audience, and proposed and supported alternative responses to the EU crisis that will strengthen rather than undermine democracy and protect Europeans' social, economic and civil rights.