The global resource grab

TNI fellows meeting 2011
30 Junio 2011

Worsening climate change and the emergence of new economic powers is leading to a renewed scramble for resources, with negative consequences for many impoverished communities.

In June 2011, TNI brought together its Fellows and other activists and engaged academics to discuss critical global issues including the Arab Spring, the global resource grab and the 'Green economy.'

Africa is subject to a new scramble for resources by former colonial powers and new emerging economies, with few benefits for the majority of Africans, says Yao Graham of the Third World Network.  >Watch video interview
The latest research on landgrabbing exposes the myth of 'reserve agricultural land' and highlights the new economic players  behind the latest wave of dispossession across the South. >Watch video interview
With hedge funds making bids for melting glaciers, there is a danger at a time of multiple crises of a renewed push for commodification of water that will affect those who can't pay. >Watch video presentations

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