Investment arbitrators' inner circle

29 Noviembre 2012

Interactive web showing the number of times the elite 15 arbitrators have sat side by side in investment arbitration panels.


The report 'Profiting from Injustice' exposes how a small club of international law firms, arbitrators and financial speculators are fuelling an investment arbitration boom that is costing taxpayers billions of dollars and preventing legislation in the public interest.

One of the findings of the report is that just 15 arbitrators, nearly all from Europe, the US or Canada, have decided 55% of all known investment-treaty disputes. This small group of lawyers, referred to by some as an ‘inner mafia’, sit on the same arbitration panels, act as both arbitrators and counsels and even call on each other as witnesses in arbitration cases. This has led to growing concerns, including within the broader legal community, over conflicts of interest.

Hover over the name of the arbitrator to see whom they sat alongside with. The thicker the line, the more often they worked together.



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