Invitation Lekhe Rahenge Apna Paani : Reclaiming Public Water

25 Abril 2007
INSAF invites you to a Lekhe Rahenge Apna Paani : Reclaiming Public Water INSAF is publishing the hindi edition of *"Reclaiming Public Water: Achievements, Struggles and Visions from Around the World"* along with Transnational Institute (TNI) & Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO). The book is also being published in Tamil and Malayalam by other groups. Reclaiming Public Water (RPW) network, initiated in November 2005 to promote progressive public water models and other alternatives to water privatisation. This involves connecting in an open and consensus-based network, activists, trade unionists, researchers and public water managers from around the world. The book "Reclaiming Public Water: Achievements, Struggles and Visions from Around the World" has been published in Chinese, Spanish, Finnish, Indonesian, Italian and Korean. Now the Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam editions will be released. The English edition of the book can be downloaded from: The full download of the Hindi edition will be available after April 25th at: [link]** The Indian editions are being released during April 25-30 in New Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Bhopal, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Plachimeda, Thrissur & Chennai. The authors of the book and waterjustice campaigners participating in these book launches are: * Julian Perez (Bolivia) works with the Ministry of Water of the Bolivian Government and responsible for the Inter-institutional Commission, which is a responsible organisation of the construction of the “Public and Social” model for the city of El Alto and La Paz, consisting of the municipal governments of La Paz and El Alto and civil society organisations, Federation of Neighborhood Associations of El Alto and La Paz (FEJUVE), and the Ministry of Water. Member and adviser of the FEJUVE El Alto, during the second “Water War” in Bolivia that happened in the cities of El Alto and La Paz against the Transnational Company SUEZ. * Santiago Arconada Rodríguez (Venezuela) works at Hidroven, the main agency for drinking water and sanitation in Venezuela. He is the former secretary-general of the Textile Worker Union U.T.I.T. and has worked in water management in the cities of Caracas and Maracaibo. * Olivier Hoedeman (Dutch/Danish) is the research and campaign coordinator at Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), an Amsterdam-based civil society group targeting the threats to democracy, equity, social justice and the environment posed by the economic and political power of corporations and their lobby groups. * Ms. Tamsyn East (UK) has been the water campaigner at the World Development Movement(WDM) for the last 2 years. She also campaigns on climate change and trade. Much of her work involves working with activists in the global south and with networks of activists in the UK. She is responsible for production and dissemination of campaigning materials and inspiring people to take action to achieve political change. She also coordinates the parliamentary advocacy work for WDM. Before working at the World Development Movement Tamsyn worked on the Corporates campaign at Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland. * V. Suresh (Chennai) is an advocate of Madras High Court, Supreme Court appointed Adviser for Tamil Nadu to the Supreme Court Commissioner on Food Security, President of People's Union for Civil LIberties, Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry. Suresh has been working on governance reform of different public service departments like education, health, welfare and recently with water department. * Rakhi Sehgal (Delhi) was a volunteer with the Right to Water Campaign during 2004-2005. She is currently engaged in labour research in the new industrial area of Gurgaon, near New Delhi. /INDIAN SOCIAL ACTION FORUM (INSAF) A124/6 1st floor, Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi 110 016 Tel: +91-11-26517814/ 65663958 Email: //