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    The emotion and the truth

    • Mariano Aguirre, Francisco Ferrándiz
    30 Diciembre 2002
    This is a book about modern wars in fragile states, one of the most important issues in the international system, and how the media, the academic and non-governmental organisations understand, act towards, interact among them and provide knowledge about their armed conflicts.
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    Against Dictators: Use Law, not War

    John Cavanagh
    13 Diciembre 2002

    The argument over what action to take against Saddam Hussein is driven by the rhetoric of war. But can peaceful, legal action against Iraq's ruthless dictator be effective? The long campaign to bring Augusto Pinochet of Chile to justice offers an encouraging precedent.

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    New Dawn in Brazil

    Marcos Arruda
    01 Diciembre 2002
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    The movement is the message

    Oscar Reyes
    01 Diciembre 2002
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    No Threat from Iraq

    Saul Landau
    29 Noviembre 2002

    US policy towards Iraq is a replay of the deceits that launched and sustained its long conflicts with the Soviet Union and Vietnam.

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    Pinochet on Trial: Timeline

    17 Noviembre 2002

    Pinochet arrest and trial timeline.

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    The Significance of the European Social Forum

    Walden Bello
    06 Noviembre 2002
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    "The Case Against the War"

    Phyllis Bennis, Michael Enwright
    02 Noviembre 2002
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    The Consequences of War: Iraq and Beyond

    Phyllis Bennis
    01 Noviembre 2002
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    Another Integration is Possible: Sovereignity Yes, FTAA No!

    Marcos Arruda, Sarah Anderson
    01 Noviembre 2002
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    Globalisation from the Middle? Reflections from a Margin

    Peter Waterman
    01 Noviembre 2002
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    Brazil 2002. The Victory of the Da Silvas

    Daniel Chavez
    31 Octubre 2002
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    Hope Triumphed Over Fear

    Tom Blickman
    28 Octubre 2002
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    Uma outra integração é possível:

    Marcos Arruda
    24 Octubre 2002
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    • Walden Bello
    15 Octubre 2002
    Will the world economy be forever more market-oriented and dominated by transnational corporations? This short and trenchant history of the organizations promoting economic globalization - the World Bank, IMF, WTO, and Group of Seven - points to their manifest failings.
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    Flexibility of treaty provisions

    • UNODC Legal Affairs Section
    30 Septiembre 2002

    In a confidential and authoritative memorandum to the INCB, UNODC legal experts argue that most harm reduction measures are in fact acceptable under the conventions. According to the Legal Affairs Section "it could easily be argued that the Guiding Principles of Drug Demand Reduction provide a clear mandate for the institution of harm reduction policies that, respecting cultural and gender differences, provide for a more supportive environment for drug users."

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    An Assassination, A Failure to Act, A Painful Parallel

    John Dinges, Peter Kornbluh
    22 Septiembre 2002
    Recently disclosed US State Department and CIA records cast a new light on the Letelier assassination, revealing that the US had extensive awareness of a secret assassination operation and suggesting that US officials called off actions that might have stopped it.
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