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  1. Kreuzberg will kontrollierten Cannabishandel erlauben

    25 Junio 2015
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    Der Berliner Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg will Cannabis legal verkaufen lassen und hat dafür einen Antrag gestellt.

  2. SPD will Cannabis-Freigabe beschleunigen

    21 Junio 2015
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    Die punktuelle Legalisierung von Marihuana in Hamburg rückt näher.

  3. Kreuzberg will Cannabis schnell legalisieren

    14 Junio 2015
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    Seit eineinhalb Jahren wird im Berliner Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg diskutiert den Erwerb und den Konsum von Cannabis zu legalisieren.

  4. Amsterdam Mayor: experiment to regulate cannabis cultivation currently legally impossible

    28 Mayo 2015
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    End 2014 Van der Laan told the council to examine possibilities for regulated cannabis cultivation.

  5. Experte warnt vor Cannabis-Freigabe in der Schanze

    20 Mayo 2015
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    Um dem zunehmenden Cannabis-Handel im Flora- und Schanzenpark Herr zu werden, fordern Anwohner des Schanzeviertels nun die Freigabe der Droge für ihr Viertel.

  6. MPs block cities from harvesting marijuana

    19 Mayo 2015
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    A narrow majority in the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament in the Netherlands, supported a motion to not allow municipalities to experiment with cannabis cultivation: 75 parliamentarians voted for, 70 voted against.

  7. Berlin's increasingly unhappy relationship with marijuana

    11 Mayo 2015
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    Kreuzberg and Berlin in general are going through an extremely messy fight over how best to control the weed trade.

  8. Coffee-Shops in Kreuzberg? Das wird dauern

    09 Mayo 2015
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    Der legale Cannabis-Verkauf in Kreuzberg kommt nicht voran. Schon für den Antrag fehlt das Geld. Unklar bleibt auch, ob Touristen in Coffee-Shops einkaufen dür- fen.

  9. SPD will Coffee-Shops für mehrere Berliner Bezirke

    16 Marzo 2015
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    SPD und Grüne wollen eine Freigabe von Cannabis. Geht es nach den Sozialdemokraten, soll es dafür nicht nur in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Modellversuche geben.

  10. Kreuzberg stellt Antrag für legalen Coffeeshop

    15 Marzo 2015
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    Der Plan des Berliner Bezirks Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg für eine legale Verkaufsstelle von Cannabis nimmt konkrete Gestalt an.

  11. Legalisierung von Cannabis statt drogenfreier Zone

    12 Marzo 2015
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    Der Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg soll ab April eine Null-Toleranz-Zone für Drogen werden.

  12. D66 devises plan to regulate Dutch marijuana production

    26 Febrero 2015
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    Liberal democratic party D66 is introducing draft legislation to regulate the production and sale of marijuana in the Netherlands.

  13. D.C. vs. Amsterdam: The Dutch strike back!

    25 Febrero 2015
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    When Mayor Muriel E. Bowser delivered her legalized marijuana guidelines, she tried to ease concerns of naysayers with promises that there are enough provisions to prevent things from getting out of hand.

  14. Most marijuana grown in the Netherlands is exported, new research shows

    16 Diciembre 2014
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    Between 78% and 91% of marijuana grown in the Netherlands is exported, according to new justice ministry research. This makes it pointless to regulate marijuana production for sale in licenced cannabis cafes within the Netherlands because illegal growing will continue, Justice minister Opstelten said in a briefing to Parliament. (See for a critical view: The 80% myth revisited)

  15. Cannabis umnebelt die Koalition

    25 Noviembre 2014
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    In der Großen Koalition in Berlin ist eine Debatte um die zulässige Menge für Eigenkonsum von Cannabis entbrannt. Die CDU will das Limit auf sechs Gramm statt wie bisher 15 Gramm senken. Die SPD ist gegen diesen Vorstoß. Die Meinungsverschiedenheiten in der Fraktion sind relevant, weil die Berliner Verordnung, die die höhere Freimenge regelt, Anfang 2015 erneuert werden muss.

  16. Du Río de la Plata au Lac Léman

    • Frank Zobel, Marc Marthaler
    19 Noviembre 2014
    Policy briefing

    La politique vis-à-vis du cannabis est en rapide évolution. Ainsi, les citoyens de l'Alaska et de l'Oregon, comme ceux de Washington DC, la capitale des Etats-Unis, viennent à leur tour de légaliser la possession de cannabis et, pour les deux premiers, d'autoriser un marché régulé pour cette substance. Des expériences de ce type sont depuis peu en cours ailleurs aux Etats-Unis et dans le monde. Quelles leçons peut-on déjà en tirer? Addiction Suisse propose une vue d'ensemble des développements les plus récents dans les Amériques, en Europe et en Suisse.


  17. Amsterdam city council calls for licenced marijuana production

    07 Noviembre 2014
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    Ministers should sanction experiments to legally grow marijuana under licence and the city should make preparations to do so, according to a majority of Amsterdam city councillors. All VVD councillors in the city back the move. The VVD's position in Amsterdam is notable because VVD justice minister Ivo Opstelten has said repeatedly he does not favour regulated production and refused to sanction experiments. Meanwhile, the upper house of parliament came a step nearer to approving legislation which will make people who have helped illegal marijuana growers guilty of a criminal act. (See also: Coffeeshops want say in Amsterdam marijuana production)

  18. Grow your own marijuana law

    25 Octubre 2014
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    Retail marijuana sales for adults are now legal (at least at the state level) in Colorado and Washington. Next month, voters in Alaska and Oregon may decide to follow suit. It is nearly certain that marijuana legalization will make it onto the California ballot in 2016, during a presidential election season that will generate enormous interest among young voters. Robert MacCoun looks at options for designing a marijuana proposal.

  19. Dutch court lets off cannabis growers

    15 Octubre 2014
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    A Dutch court refused to punish two cannabis growers, criticising a government policy that criminalises production while allowing its sale in coffee shops. In its judgment, the court found the suspects guilty but "no punishment will be applied". "Given that the sale of soft drugs in coffee shops is tolerated, this means that these coffee shops must supply themselves and so cultivation must be done to satisfy these demands," the court said. "The law does not state how this supply should be done." The ruling is groundbreaking; it might open up the back door of the coffeeshops. (See also: No jail or fines for 'idealistic' marijuana growing couple)

  20. Owner of massive cannabis café cleared of most charges on appeal

    16 Julio 2014
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    The owner of the coffeeshop Checkpoint has been found not guilty of most of the charges against him by Amsterdam’s appeal court. The court said the prosecution had not proved Checkpoint had knowingly broken the rules. Checkpoint is guilty of having too much cannabis on the premises but this does not merit a prison sentence, the court said in a statement, since the authorities had encouraged the coffeeshop's growth and must have understood that it needed large volumes of drugs to meet demand. This is the second ruling this month in which judges have refused to jail coffeeshop owners for breaking guidelines.