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    Budgeting for the future: Building another Europe

    23 Abril 2008

    This publication puts forward a critical civil society outlook on the 2007/2013 Financial Perspectives.

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    No sanctuary this

    20 Abril 2008
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    Movements and left parties should keep a respectful distance

    Alessandra Mecozzi
    12 Abril 2008
  5. We the Peoples of Europe

    • Susan George
    11 Abril 2008

    A more neo-liberal, anti-democratic document than the EU Constitution, rejected by the French and the Dutch may be hard to imagine, but the new reform treaty tries hard. Susan George explains what is at stake for all peoples of Europe, what must we reject and how will such a document affect our lives?

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    A new coalition may be the best hope for a weak left

    Luciana Castellina
    11 Abril 2008
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    Balance sheet of the Prodi Government

    Vittorio Longhi
    11 Abril 2008
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    We must avoid being absorbed by the State

    Paolo Cacciari
    11 Abril 2008
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    A rough guide to the Italian political crisis

    Hilary Wainwright
    04 Abril 2008
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    Wrong man, wrong Europe

    Susan George
    03 Abril 2008

    Referendums killed off the EU Constitution, a ‘blackmail’ that Europe’s elites will now avoid by forcing through the Lisbon Treaty without debate, writes Susan George. And Tony Blair is just the man some of them want to lead the way in this new Europe.

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