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    Burma's Junta Intensifies Bid For Unification

    25 Septiembre 2009
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    The maps say that the town of Mong La is located in Burma, but to the casual observer, it could be China.
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    Burma’s ethnic militias play waiting game

    24 Septiembre 2009
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    The maps say the town of Mong La is located in Burma but to the casual observer it could be China.

  3. Tom Kramer


    Tom Kramer (1968) es politólogo de formación y cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia profesional en Birmania y sus regiones fronterizas, que visita periódicamente desde 1993....

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    Burma's Cease-fires at Risk

    • Tom Kramer
    15 Septiembre 2009

    In August the Burma army occupied the Kokang region after several days of fighting, ending two decades of cease-fire with the ethnic minority group. The resumption of fighting in northern Burma raises speculation about the other cease-fires. Tensions are rising and the cease-fire groups have put their armed forces on high alert.

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    Burma: Neither War Nor Peace

    05 Julio 2009

    Whilst a twenty year ceasefire still holds, there is unlikely to be peace and democracy in Burma without a political settlement that addresses ethnic minority needs and goals.