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    How to cure the post-Copenhagen hangover

    Patrick Bond
    28 Diciembre 2009

    Copenhagen unveiled that the leading southern countries are willing accomplices in climate crime to the rich nations, while the hope remains with the rising power of the climate justice movements.

  2. Climate Justice protesters reclaim power as UN talks dither

    Oscar Reyes
    17 Diciembre 2009

    With ministers and heads of states arriving in Copenhagen, protests surrounded the climate change conference venue, while negotiations remained blocked.

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    What is cap and trade?

    Oscar Reyes
    17 Diciembre 2009

    Cap and trade interprets climate change into the language of neo-liberal economics. Instead we need to rethink our trade system and rethink how we produce and consume goods.

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    Upsetting the Offset

    • Joanna Cabello, Kevin Smith, Tamra Gilbertson, Walden Bello
    16 Diciembre 2009

    The book contributes to a growing field of critics of carbon markets by highlighting several up-to-date examples of where the system has failed and often led to negative social, economic and environmental impacts in deprived countries.

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    How the myth of unlimited growth is destroying the planet

    Edgardo Lander
    15 Diciembre 2009

    Economic growth and continued expansion are a vital requirement for the current pattern of civilisation. We need to change this if we are to solve the climate crisis.

  6. Divide and rule: paving the way to an unjust deal

    Oscar Reyes
    14 Diciembre 2009

    As climate talks enter their final phase, Oscar Reyes outlines the hardball negotiating tactics being used to force a weak deal that favours industrialised nations.

  7. Climate technologies: a leap into the unknown

    Oscar Reyes
    11 Diciembre 2009

    A new “technology mechanism” could reward untested techniques that damage the climate.

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    Beyond Carbon Markets

    Oscar Reyes, Tamra Gilbertson
    10 Diciembre 2009

    Although carbon offsets are often presented as emissions reductions, they do not actually reduce emissions. At best, they move reductions to where it is cheapest to make them, which normally means a shift from Northern to Southern countries.

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    Sasol & CDM: The Developed World Pays Sasol to Increase its Carbon Emissions

    Tristen Taylor
    09 Diciembre 2009

    South African based multinational, Sasol, is nominated for the Angry Mermaid Award for its national and international lobbying campaign to promote Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as a clean solution to the dirty business of producing liquid fuels from coal and gas. Tristen Taylor of Earthlife Africa Johannesburg tells the story of its many attempts to benefit from carbon trading.

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    FACT SHEET: What's at stake in Copenhagen

    Oscar Reyes, Tamra Gilbertson
    07 Diciembre 2009

    Why are some countries intent on killing Kyoto? Do the reductions targets tell the whole story? Who is paying for it all? This fact sheet answers all your questions about the UN climate talks in Copenhagen.

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    Fact Sheet: Cap and Trade

    07 Diciembre 2009

    What is wrong with cap and trade? Who profits from these schemes? What is EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)? Can cap and trade markets be reformed?  This fact sheet answers all your questions about cap and trade.

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    Edging out fossil fuels and false solutions in the UK

    Kevin Smith
    07 Diciembre 2009

    The Climate Camp movement in the UK diversified its actions this year, taking on carbon trading whilst continuing to target carbon-intensive infrastructure.

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    Carbon Market Crimes: A photo essay

    07 Diciembre 2009 - Evento
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    Putting Justice into the Climate Debate

    08 Diciembre 2009 - Evento
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    The Story of Cap & Trade

    02 Diciembre 2009

    Producers of the renowned Story of stuff animation have released a new compelling animation that  critiques Cap and Trade. TNI's Carbon Trade Watch were part of a team of advisers behind the film. View the animation that is causing a big debate and forward it on.

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    From climate denialism to activist alliances

    Patrick Bond
    01 Diciembre 2009

    Seattle offers a lesson to the African negotiators at the climate talks:  by walking out - alongside civil society protesters - and halting a bad deal in Copenhagen on December 18, we can together pave the way for subsequent progress.

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    The real price of oil

    Saul Landau
    26 Noviembre 2009

    Who deserves responsibility for oil “accidents?” Government, owners, oil companies, the public that uses the product, or the entire system for which oil has become the equivalent of a blood line?