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    Scrap carbon trading

    Oscar Reyes
    02 Febrero 2009
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    The Climate Camp vs the Carbon Market

    Kevin Smith
    26 Febrero 2009
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    Climate Camp comes to The City

    Peter McDonell
    20 Marzo 2009
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    Climate crunch

    Oscar Reyes
    29 Marzo 2009
    The economic crisis is leading to falling carbon emissions - so why is it not good for the climate?
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    Biochar, a big new threat to people, land and ecosystems

    Biofuelwatch Declaration
    08 Abril 2009
    Caution urged against proposals for large scale use of charcoal in soils for climate change mitigation and soil reclamation.
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    UK carbon budget: offshoring emissions reductions

    Oscar Reyes
    24 Abril 2009
    The UK government has set the world´s first carbon budget, but it contains so many offset loopholes that most emission reduction commitments could be met without any action to clean up power generation and industry in the UK.
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    UN Climate Negotiations: analysis of latest positions

    Oscar Reyes
    14 Mayo 2009
    A new global climate treaty is shaping up to have carbon trading at its centre, creating new loopholes to avoid cleaning up the climate
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    Carbon trading from Kyoto to Copenhagen

    Oscar Reyes
    23 Mayo 2009
    Climate change is a structural problem that came about, largely, through the continued exploitation of fossil fuels as a cheap fuel source since the industrial revolution
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    Carbon Trading: flaw at the heart of Democrats’ climate bill

    Oscar Reyes
    28 Mayo 2009
    The oil, gas and coal industry lobbyists who have spent almost $45 million on President Obama´s clean energy plan in recent months need not worry: it is so full of holes that US industry could avoid making any reductions at home until at least 2026, rendering talk of a 17 per cent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 largely meaningless.
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    Carbon trading and cash values on forests cannot curb carbon emissions

    Oscar Reyes
    28 Mayo 2009
    The commitment to carrying on with business as usual at the recent World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen took an almost surreal form at times.
  14. The road to Copenhagen - from Washington to Bonn

    Oscar Reyes, Interview with Oscar Reyes
    08 Junio 2009
    With a new President in the White House there’s a fresh approach to climate change and energy policy in the US. But the Energy bill currently going through Congress is based on the widely-criticised “Cap & Trade” system and has been weakened further by a massive corporate lobbying campaign. How does this feed into the UN talks in Bonn in June which prepare the way for the critical meeting in Copenhagen in December?
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    Avoiding a green bad deal

    Oscar Reyes
    08 Junio 2009
    Unless we tackle issues of equity, public accountability and corporate control, it remains difficult to see how even a green new deal, however worthy the intention, will not end up throwing good money after bad
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    A fight to save the Amazon rainforest

    Joanna Cabello
    19 Junio 2009
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    Left Call for Public Wealth, World Peace and Climate Justice

    08 Octubre 2009

    Declaration timed with conference on Crisis Capitalism in Brussels in October 2009.

  18. A real green deal

    Hilary Wainwright, Andy Bowman
    09 Octubre 2009

    35 years ago, workers at the Lucas Aerospace company formulated an ‘alternative corporate plan’ to convert military production to socially useful and environmentally desirable purposes. What are the lessons for greening the world economy today?

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    Glaciers are still melting…

    Praful Bidwai
    25 Octubre 2009

    Although an estimate of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Ch­ange on rapid recession of  Himalayan glaciers has become a political issue in India,  its scientific foundations are quite solid.

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    Opening the door to GM eggplant, a step towards disaster

    Praful Bidwai
    26 Octubre 2009

    If we want sustainable agriculture that's appropriate to our climate, resources and food security, India must not open the door to genetically modified brinjal.