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  1. SA mining laws cause for concern

    Tony Carnie
    03 Octubre 2012
    En los medios

    Speaking at a recent conference in Iceland, David Fig of UCT questioned why SA remained trapped in an undemocratic industrial paradigm which gave primacy to its minerals and energy sector.

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    Vagaries of the uranium market

    • David Fig
    17 Julio 2012

    The global boom in uranium production, with its associated environmental and social costs, has stalled in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster

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    Fracking and the Democratic Deficit in South Africa

    • David Fig
    11 Julio 2012

    When citizens are left out of debates confined to government and the business community, the only means of influencing policy is to petition, protest, or litigate, usually after the horse has bolted. Will fracking be the latest technology introduced without any public debate?

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    Renewables option

    Praful Bidwai
    06 Marzo 2012

    Instead of imposing nuclear power upon unwilling people, India should join the renewables revolution for handsome gains. 

  5. Radiation Crisis continues in Fukushima

    Praful Bidwai
    14 Febrero 2012

    The multi-reactor meltdown accident in Japan beginning last March 2011 has not ended. Plants continue to leak radiation and shockingly no sytematic monitoring of radiation levels is taking place.