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  1. US drones strategy

    29 Octubre 2013

    US policymakers don’t even claim that all the targets of their drone strikes are posing a threat to the US, Phyllis Bennis, director of the Institute for Policy Studies, told RT.

  2. Cashing in on Catastrophe book meets fundraising goal

    10 Septiembre 2013

    Thanks to your support, we met our target and raised 10,000 euros for this crucial book that tells the hidden story of the corporations and military seeking to cash in on climate chaos, and puts forward peoples' alternatives for a liveable future.

  3. Optimism and Fear

    Phyllis Bennis
    06 Septiembre 2013

    If I was really optimistic, I’d say that President Obama is hoping that Congress will follow the example of the British parliament – and vote against his proposed military strike on Syria.

  4. The Checkered History of Humanitarian Intervention

    Walden Bello
    06 Septiembre 2013

    The impending US strike on Syria is justified as necessary to punish the Assad regime for using chemical weapons on its citizens and prevent it from further employing them. The situation, says Washington, calls for “humanitarian intervention.”

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    The Syrian Civil War, Chemical Weapons, & the Rush to Regional and Global Disaster

    Tom Reifer
    28 Agosto 2013

    The US, Saudis and Qatar who seek to take sides in fuelling sectarianism and violence in the Middle East, should remember how a similar discourse of preventative war and promotion of sectarian forces in Europe led to World War I.

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    Moral Obscenities in Syria

    28 Agosto 2013
    En los medios

    Does anyone really believe that a military strike on an alleged chemical weapons factory would help the Syrian people, would save any lives, would help bring an end to this horrific civil war?

  7. Syria crisis demands tough diplomacy

    Phyllis Bennis, David Wildman
    27 Agosto 2013

    The threat of a reckless, dangerous, and illegal US or US-led assault on Syria is looking closer than ever. However any attack will not protect civilians—it will mean taking sides once again in a bloody, complicated civil war.

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    Ägypten wird nicht zerfallen wie Syrien

    17 Agosto 2013
    En los medios

    Die Zukunft Ägyptens ist ungewiss und die blutigen Auseinandersetzungen halten an. Doch US-Wissenschaftler Elliott Abrams glaubt nicht, dass es zu einem Bürgerkrieg wie in Syrien kommen werden. Denn ein Großteil der Muslimbrüder sei unbewaffnet.

  9. Egyptian revolution turns sour

    Phyllis Bennis
    16 Agosto 2013

    "Egypt today remains horrifically divided, with today's bloodbath certain to make things worse"

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    Diplomatiek incident in Snowden-case

    08 Agosto 2013
    En los medios

    Begin juli weigerden Portugal, Spanje, Frankrijk en Italië het gebruik van het luchtruim voor het presidentiële vliegtuig van Evo Morales.

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    France and Spain take military spending in opposite directions

    02 Agosto 2013
    En los medios

    Military spending in France and Spain grabbed the spotlight this week in the latest act of the euro crisis.

  12. Race, space and punishment in urban sociology

    • Tom Reifer
    29 Julio 2013

    Structural circumstances of deprivation and criminalization facing African-Americans and the racialized perceptions of criminality appear to be some of the salient features that recently led to a young black teenager being killed by neighborhood watch patrolman George Zimmerman.

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    Washington Secures Long-Sought Hemispheric Outpost, Perhaps at the Expense of Regional Sovereignty

    Mary Donohue, Melissa Nepomiachi
    22 Julio 2013
    En los medios

    The Transnational Institute, an Amsterdam-based scholar-activist organization, observed that the response of the Bolivian press is understandable because there have been previous suspicions of outside forces wanting to exercise military control over the natural resources of the Chaco (Tarija) region.

  14. Grounding of Bolivian presidential jet and treatment of Snowden shames European Union

    05 Julio 2013

    Over 50 international lawyers, human rights, civil rights and civil society groups and networks say the actions of certain EU member states in response to Snowden's revelations contradict the EU’s stated commitment to democracy, human rights and international law.

  15. Egypt's still-unfinished Revolution: Celebration & Danger

    Phyllis Bennis
    04 Julio 2013

    Whether or not the day’s events in Egypt constitute a military coup d’etat, the removal from office of President Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian military portends great excitement but even greater dangers.

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    Hands off Syria

    Tomasz Pierscionek
    23 Junio 2013
    En los medios

    A recent front-page headline in the London Evening Standard declared: "Cameron: We must act over Syria gas attacks."

  17. After PRISM: on Power, Trust and Accountability

    Ben Hayes
    21 Junio 2013

    Multinational corporations who dominate large parts of the internet have provided USA’s National Security Agency with massive amounts of their users’ intimately personal data. This is simply unacceptable in any democracy worthy of the name.

  18. Syria: the threats, costs, claims and lives

    Phyllis Bennis
    21 Mayo 2013

    What the civil war in Syria has exposed is that the massive political and social transformation, and real regime change under way is led by people themselves. US military involvement serves only to escalate the destruction.

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    Military spending and the EU crisis infographic

    Frank Slijper
    13 Mayo 2013

    An infographic that accompanies our report, Guns, Debt and Corruption, illustrating the role of military spending in causing and perpetuating the economic crisis.

  20. Military spending and the EU crisis infographic

    Frank Slijper
    11 Mayo 2013

    An infographic that accompanies our report, Guns, Debt and Corruption, illustrating the role of military spending in causing and perpetuating the economic crisis.