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    Posibilidades de cambio en el control de drogas

    • Tom Blickman
    01 Diciembre 2001

    brief1El Director Ejecutivo de la Oficina de Fiscalización de Drogas y Prevención del Delito de las Naciones Unidas (OFDPD), Pino Arlacchi, ha tenido que abandonar su cargo. La posición del señor Arlacchi se hizo insostenible cuando la Oficina del Inspector General presentó dos informes muy críticos en los que se investigaban alegaciones de mala gestión, nepotismo y posible fraude. Mientras la prensa se centra en los escándalos dentro del OFDPD, se presta muy poca atención al legado negativo que el señor Arlacchi deja en la dirección de la política de control de drogas como tal.

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    Evaluating alternative cannabis regimes

    • Robert MacCoun, Peter Reuter (RAND)
    31 Enero 2001

    publicationCannabis is the cutting-edge drug for reform, the only politically plausible candidate for major legal change, at least decriminalisation (removal of criminal penalties for possession) and perhaps even outright legalisation (permitting production and sale). Compared with other drugs, the harms, physiological or behavioural, are less severe and the drug is better integrated into the culture. Throughout Western Europe and in the Antipodes there is pressure for reductions in the punitiveness of the marijuana regime.

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    Use of Narcotic Drugs in Public Injection Rooms under Public International Law

    07 Enero 2001

    publicationState-controlled public injection rooms are not expressly referred to in any of the rele­vant international conventions. It is thus necessary to determine, by way of a prelimi­nary factual enquiry, the exact characteristics of such institutions that fall within the ambit of one or more of the conventions. The rather superficial provisions concerning drug addicts stand in stark contrast to the stated primary aims of the conventions, which are formulated in the preambles as pre­venting and combatting abuse of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and the public health and social problems which such abuse engenders.

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