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    PPPs: listen to the farmers

    18 Abril 2013
    En los medios

    Assuming a joint approach would unleash agricultural potential and strengthen the market, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) have dominated global food security strategies.

  2. Guns, debt and corruption

    • Frank Slijper
    14 Abril 2013

    High levels of military spending played a key role in the unfolding economic crisis in Europe and continues to undermine efforts to resolve it.

  3. Networking against Fracking

    Satoko Kishimoto
    05 Abril 2013

    Global networking is key to winning battle against fracking, say activists at WSF.

  4. Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly

    02 Abril 2013

    As the Social Movements Assembly of the World Social Forum of Tunisia, 2013, we are gathered here to affirm the fundamental contribution of peoples of Maghreb-Mashrek (from North Africa to the Middle East), in the construction of human civilization.