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  1. Protest Hannover 23 April 2016


    01 Enero 2016

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free trade agreement, in negotiation, between the United States and the European Union. Its proponents claim that the agreement will benefit consumers with lower prices, increased competition and more jobs.
    However, very little of the TTIP deals with trade; the vast majority of the agreement relates to government regulations and will therefore have huge implications in matters such as food sovereignty, digital rights and the environment. It will limit the capacity of governments and local groups to regulate and increase the capacity of transnational corporations to act with impunity. TNI’s focus for TTIP and other free trade agreements is on the investment chapter, and particularly the problems caused by Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms that allow corporations to sue governments for actions that affect their profits.

  2. Energy Democracy

    01 Enero 2016

    People across the world are taking back power over the energy sector, kicking-back against the rule of the market and re-imagining how energy might be produced, distributed and used. How can the concept of energy democracy be deployed to demand a socially just energy system, with universal access, fair prices and secure, unionised and well-paid jobs?

    Visit our collaborative website on energy democracy.

  3. Water Justice

    01 Enero 2016

    The Water Justice project, run jointly by TNI and Corporate European Observatory, is engaged in the work of building viable alternatives to water privatisation, focusing on how to reform public water systems in order to make the human right to water a reality for everyone.

  4. Investment protection

    01 Enero 2016

    Investment protection mechanisms give corporations the right to sue states if they take any measures – including public interest legislation – that might threaten profits. Wellknown versions of this is the Investor state-dispute mechanism (ISDS) which after rising controversy and critisism has been replaced by the Investment court system (ICS). Investment protection mechanisms are included in most new FTAs. Nevertheless, several governments are starting to reconsider their commitments to it as they recognize the danger that it poses to their sovereignty. TNI has produced extensive research highlighting how investment protection gives corporations far-reaching rights that curtail governments’ sovereignty and drain limited public budgets. It has also revealed the big stakes the legal industry has in these mechanisms.

  5. State of Power

    01 Enero 2016

    Every year TNI publishes the State of Power, an anthology on global power and resistance. 

  6. Hannah Hetzer

  7. How the guerrillas were led to the negotiating table - and stayed

    Mariano Aguirre
    04 Enero 2016

    Negotiations with FARC are too advanced for anyone to step back now.

  8. Afrika Kontakt


    Afrika Kontakt is a solidarity movement from Denmark, collaborating with social movements in Africa and fighting against inequality and works for political, social & economic rights.

  9. Indonesia Traditional Fisherfolks Union (KNTI)

    Kesatuan Nelayan Tradisional Indonesia
  10. Sahil Dutta

  11. TTIP - A giant leap for the EU, but does it pose a risk for the public?

    07 Enero 2016
    En los medios

    Malta Today - The transatlantic trade and investement partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the United States aims to increase economic growth and job on both sides of the Atlantic. However, critics say the TTIP agreements threaten public services.

  12. No Women, No Peace: Gender Equality, Conflict and Peace in Myanmar

    13 Enero 2016
    Policy briefing

    There has long been a need for a deeper understanding of the intersections of gender, ethnicity and other identities in peace-building and democratisation. Progress on the rights of women and the participation by women’s organisations in conflict resolution and national reform are vital if sustainable peace and democracy are to be built within the country.

  13. Flower seed

    Yanis Varoufakis


    Yanis Varoufakis es economista y fue ministro de Finanzas de Grecia durante siete meses en 2015. Votó en contra de las condiciones del tercer acuerdo de rescate de Grecia impuesto por la Troika en agosto de 2015. Actualmente participa en la construcción de un Movimiento por la Democracia en Europa. Autor de numerosos libros y textos sobre la crisis financiera, la economía y la teoría del juego...

  14. Worried about the return of fascism? Six things a dissenter can do in 2016

    Ben Hayes
    14 Enero 2016

    Commentary misses the point: the legitimacy of Trump or Le Pen comes not from the sudden appeal of a new brand of right-wing populism, but their legitimisation by mainstream politics.

  15. More than 500 civil society organisations from Myanmar express their concerns about the Investment Protection Agreement with the EU

    14 Enero 2016

    518 organizations from MATA Myanmar Alliance on Transparency and Accountability and 53 organizations from Lands in Our Hand network and various other civil society organizations express their concerns about investment protection in the EU-Myanmar Agreement.

  16. Davos Class thumbnail image

    Who are the Davos class?

    15 Enero 2016
    This infographic illustrates some dimensions about why we believe the World Economic Forum is fundamentally about increasing corporate profits and rewarding political elites rather than “improving the state of the world.” It is an undemocratic, unaccountable and illegitimate institution that, far from improving the world, has over decades reinforced the global crisis of inequality, poverty, and environmental destruction.