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  1. Lyda Fernanda Forero

    Coordinadora del proyecto Justicia Agraria y Ambiental

    Lyda Fernanda Forero es una economista que trabaja en el análisis y la organización de campañas centradas en las políticas de comercio e inversión, la arquitectura de impunidad creada para las empresas transnacionales y las nuevas tendencias de financiarización y mercantilización de la naturaleza y la vida. Lyda es colombiana, está licenciada en Economía y tiene un máster en Historia por la...

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    Larry Lohmann


    Larry Lohmann from the Corner House is a co-founder of the Durban Group for Climate Justice, together with members of TNI's Carbon Trade Watch.

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    World Rainforest Movement


    The World Rainforest Movement is an international network of citizens' groups of North and South involved in efforts to defend the world's rainforests.

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    The Cornerhouse


    The Corner House based in the UK produces research which aims to support democratic and community movements for environmental and social justice.

  5. Sinkswatch


    The aim of SinksWatch -coordinated by World Rainforest Movement and FERN- is to track and scrutinize carbon sequestration projects related to the Kyoto Protocol, and to highlight their threats to forests and other ecosystems, to forest peoples as well as to the climate.

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    Dag Hammarskjold Foundation


    Dag Hammarskjold Foundation’s work is guided by the search for ‘Another Development’ in support of democracy, human rights and security based on the social and economic transformation of institutions and societies.

  7. Camp for Climate Action


    Camp for Climate Action organises camps in the UK that combine education, direct action, sustainable living, and constructing a movement to effectively tackle climate change by both resisting climate crimes and developing sustainable solutions.

  8. Durban Group for Climate Justice


    The Durban Group for Climate Justice is an international network of independent organisations, individuals and people's movements who reject the free market approach to climate change. The network is committed to help build a global grassroots movement for climate justice, mobilize communities around the world and pledge solidarity with people opposing carbon trading on the ground.