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  1. Border Memorial, Tijuana, Mexico

    The globalisation of border control and peoples’ resistance

    Mónica Vargas
    13 Marzo 2019

    Forced to leave their homes to flee violence, war or poverty and invisible because they are vulnerable, large numbers of migrants disappear while travelling. This analysis of border control looks at the power and impunity of transnational corporations, militarisation, the externalisation of borders, Israel’s role as a laboratory for the wall industry and the criminalisation of international solidarity, among other issues.

  2. Trends in small-scale fishery in Myanmar: Tenure rights and gender in Mon State and Tanintharyi Division

    • Maria Belen Angeles, Mads Barbesgaard, Jennifer Franco
    12 Marzo 2019

    “Fish is the world’s most traded food commodity, and Myanmar is on the cusp of becoming a major international source."

  3. TNI’s State of Power podcast

    12 Marzo 2019

    Let us introduce you to some of the fascinating people we work with to help you make sense of the world’s most complex challenges. In this podcast we share our research, explore alternatives to the status quo and give a platform to scholars and activists who are at the forefront of the fight against the current neoliberal order. We believe there are alternatives to this world and hope you do too.

  4. Castle rock wildfire.

    Apostando por el desastre: la lucha contra quienes juegan con nuestro futuro

    Nick Buxton
    11 Marzo 2019

    El lado oscuro del capitalismo nos enseña que el desorden, el cambio y la escasez ofrecen posibilidades de beneficio a quienes estén dispuestos a especular con sus consecuencias.

  5. Fishing for Gender Justice on Women´s Day

    FIAN International
    08 Marzo 2019

    Fishing is still perceived as a predominantly male task despite the heavy workload of women.

  6. Brazil: The need for a Binding Treaty to hold multinationals accountable for their crimes

    20 Marzo 2019 - Evento

    An eyewitness report from Vale corporate crimes in Brazil.

  7. Opium harvest in early 2019 in Pekhon Township, southern Shan State (TNI)

    ေျမျပင္အမွန္တရားကို လိုရာဆြဲပံုေဖာ္ျခင္း - မူးယစ္ေဆး၀ါး၊ ပဋိပကၡႏွင့္ UNODC ၏ ၂၀၁၈ ခုႏွစ္ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံဆိုင္ရာ ဘိန္းစစ္တမ္း

    Transnational Institute (TNI)
    07 Marzo 2019

    ကုလသမဂၢ မူးယစ္ေဆး၀ါးႏွင့္ ျပစ္မႈဆိုင္ရာရံုး(UNODC)၏ လတ္တေလာထုတ္ျပန္ခဲ့သည့္ “၂၀၁၈ ခုႏွစ္ ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံဆိုင္ရာ ဘိန္းစစ္တမ္း”၌ ပဋိပကၡတြင္း ပါ၀င္ပတ္သက္ေနသည့္ အဖြဲ႔အစည္းအခ်ိဳ႕ကို တိတိပပစြပ္စြဲေျပာဆိုထားသည့္ အခ်က္မ်ားပါ၀င္လ်က္ရွိသည္။ ဤ သံုးသပ္ခ်က္အတြင္း ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ၏ ရႈပ္ေထြးလြန္းလွသည့္ လက္ေတြ႔အေျခအေနမ်ားကို ထင္ဟပ္မႈမရွိဘဲ လိုရာဆြဲ၍ မည္ကဲ့သို႔ပံုေဖာ္ေရးသားထားေၾကာင္း ရွင္းလင္းေဖာ္ျပထားပါ သည္။

  8. ‘There is no vacant land’

    • Oliver Springate-Baginski
    06 Marzo 2019

    This Primer promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of Myanmar's customary tenure systems, which are under threat from the government's new land policies. It looks at the nature and origin of traditional land and resource use customs and the functions these fulfill in Mayanmar's rural communities.

  9. Project Protest x Venezuela: What’s the real story?

    27 Marzo 2019 - Evento

    The Venezuelan economy has halved since 2013. Amidst a deep economic crisis, there have been clashes between government and opposition forces and the recent power-struggle has escalated internationally, with multiple Western states introducing extensive economic sanctions. As the propaganda war reaches its peak, we have invited experts to answer some of the most pressing questions.

  10. Opium harvest in early 2019 in Pekhon Township, southern Shan State (TNI)

    A Distortion of Reality: Drugs, Conflict and the UNODC’s 2018 Myanmar Opium Survey

    Transnational Institute (TNI)
    05 Marzo 2019

    The recently-released “Myanmar Opium Survey 2018” by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) entails specific accusations against several of the conflict actors. This commentary explains how this further distorts, rather than reflects, the complex realities in Myanmar.

  11. Think Global Drink Local: Second edition

    20 Marzo 2019 - Evento

    After the success of the last edition we are undertaking the 2nd edition of the Think Global Drink Local Pub Quiz. This time with live music!

  12. The Transnational Institute (TNI) is looking for an intern to join our Public Alternatives Team

    22 Febrero 2019

    The Transnational Institute (TNI) is looking for a highly motivated INTERN to join our Public Alternatives Team in close coordination with the Communications Team.

  13. The Transnational Institute (TNI) is looking for an intern to join our communications team

    20 Febrero 2019

    Help activists, scholars and policy makers learn about our work. Tell the TNI story. Help make our social media shine.

    We are seeking a dedicated intern for two or three days a week for a minimum of three months. We are looking for an intern who is interested in working in the field of digital communications and has a political and activist spirit.

  14. Obituary Thura Myint Lwin

    Transnational Institute (TNI)
    19 Febrero 2019

    Our great friend and colleague Thura Myint Lwin passed away on Sunday 10 February. Thura was the co-author of TNI’s recent Drug Policy Briefing ‘Methamphetamine use in Myanmar, Thailand and Southern China: assessing practices, reducing harms’. Although he was not able to participate in the report launch, he saw the final copy and was proud of it. We dedicate this report to him.

  15. Methamphetamine use in Myanmar, Thailand, and Southern China: assessing practices, reducing harms

    • Renaud Cachia, Thura Myint Lwin
    18 Febrero 2019
    Policy briefing

    Over the past decade, methamphetamine use has grown more popular in Myanmar, Thailand and Southern China. Based on in-depth interviews conducted with individuals who use methamphetamine, this briefing sheds light on the importance of promoting an environment that reinforces, rather than undermines, the ability of people who use methamphetamine to regulate their drug use, preserve their health and adopt safer practices.

  16. Bolivia: la izquierda en el poder

    • Linda Farthing
    14 Febrero 2019

    Los movimientos sociales necesitan lidiar no solo con la construcción partidos políticos exitosos y alcanzar el poder, sino también con el uso de ese poder de manera estratégica para implementar los cambios necesarios. ¿Cual es el rol de los funcionarios gubernamentales en este proceso, y cómo se enfrentan al desafío de mantenerse fieles a su ideología política al mismo tiempo que aseguran el funcionamiento de una burocracia justa y profesional?

  17. State of Power 2019 cover thumbnail

    Cocaine on Wall Street, The War on Drugs, and Peace in Colombia

    • Jorge Andrés Forero-González , Miranda D. Mosis, Diana María Peña-García
    08 Febrero 2019

    This essay connects cocaine, the financial system and global economies through the experience of the war on drugs and peace process in Colombia.

  18. Castle rock wildfire.

    Betting on a crash – confronting those speculating on our future

    Nick Buxton
    06 Febrero 2019

    The dark side of capitalism is that disruption, change and scarcity all provide avenues of profit for those willing to speculate on its consequences.

  19. Village meeting in Magyi

    Investing in Mon State?

    MACDO, Mads Barbesgaard
    04 Febrero 2019

    How beneficial is the new policy of encouraging investment in Myanmar's Mon state?