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    Fears over growth in land concessions

    10 Junio 2013
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    Activists have raised concerns about continued growth in large-scale land concessions to agribusinesses, warning that small-scale landholders are being left without a source of income.

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    Ceasefires facilitating land grabs: Think tank

    10 Junio 2013
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    A briefing paper jointly published earlier this month by the Netherlands-based think tank groups has asserted that new ceasefires that have been signed since 2011 have further facilitated land grabbing in conflict-affected areas where large development projects in resource-rich ethnic regions have already taken place.

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    Ethnic minority land rights next hurdle for Myanmar peace

    13 Mayo 2013
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    The general public and Myanmar’s mainstream media have little awareness of ethnic concerns, said Yangon-based Tom Kramer from the Transnational Institute (TNI).