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  1. The Transnational Institute supports the Global Climate Strike

    24 Septiembre 2019

    The climate crisis is a manifestation of the systemic, capitalist crisis. We demand governments tackle the climate crisis by ending corporate power, facilitated by the trade and investment regime, that has long destroyed livelihoods and communities.

    This corporate impunity has led to the wholesale looting of the biosphere, authoritarian responses and worsening social, political and environmental conflicts, particularly in the Global South.

  2. Castle rock wildfire.

    Apostando por el desastre: la lucha contra quienes juegan con nuestro futuro

    Nick Buxton
    11 Marzo 2019

    El lado oscuro del capitalismo nos enseña que el desorden, el cambio y la escasez ofrecen posibilidades de beneficio a quienes estén dispuestos a especular con sus consecuencias.

  3. Castle rock wildfire.

    Betting on a crash – confronting those speculating on our future

    Nick Buxton
    06 Febrero 2019

    The dark side of capitalism is that disruption, change and scarcity all provide avenues of profit for those willing to speculate on its consequences.