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  1. International Call Cumbre de los Pueblos 2013

    23 Enero 2013

    Between the 26th and 28th of January 2013, the CELAC Summit (EU-LAC) will be held in Santiago, Chile. A Peoples Summit will be held in parallel from 25-27th of January.

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    Putting people before profits: opening speech for EA4

    Susan George
    27 Mayo 2010

    "The banks are ours!" Public money was used to bail out the banks, and now they are lending back to the public at interest, while governments ignore the social and environmental crises that confront society. It is time to demand real solutions that will work not only for the sake of the economy but for the lives and conditions of people on whom it depends.

  3. Latin America–Europe relations: Time for a new era

    Brid Brennan
    29 Abril 2010

    In response to the aggressive corporate-led trade agenda of the EU, social movements from Latin America and Europe are mounting an Alternative Peoples’ Summit, the Enlazando Alternativas 4, which takes place from May 14-17 in Madrid.

  4. Linking Alternatives 4

    14 Mayo 2010 - Evento
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    Public Forum Enlazando Alternativas

    03 Agosto 2007 - Evento