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  1. ICAS 2017 logo

    International Colloquium: The Future of Food and Challenges for Agriculture in the 21st Century

    24 Abril 2017 - Evento

    Debates about who, how and with what social, economic and ecological implications we will feed the world.

  2. The Second Voedsel Anders Conference

    12 Febrero 2016 - Evento

    Farmers, fishermen, citizens, scientists and grassroots organisations will converge again to take further steps towards contemporary, sustainable and fair food production and consumption, with new relationships between food producers and (urban) citizens.

  3. Global Governance/Politics, Climate Justice & Agrarian/Social Justice: Linkages and Challenges

    04 Febrero 2016 - Evento

    A packed 2 days combining plenary sessions with parallel sessions in between, with a good balance between cutting-edge academic inputs and practitioner/activist interventions around the issues of resources, land, food sovereignty, environment, energy climate change and much more.

  4. Hungry for Justice film & debate series

    04 Diciembre 2014 - Evento
  5. Food Sovereignty: a critical dialogue

    14 Septiembre 2013 - Evento