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  1. Large-scale bioenergy must be excluded from the renewable energy definition

    30 Noviembre 2015

    We, the signatories of this declaration, are calling on the European Union (EU) to exclude bioenergy from its next Renewable Energy Directive (RED), and thereby stop direct and indirect subsidies for renewable energy from biofuels and wood-burning.

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    Activists oppose Guatemala dam being backed by Spanish company

    26 Junio 2015
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    Deutsche Welle - The arrival of transnational dam-builders in Guatemala is threatening cultural and natural riches. DW met with activists in Berlin, who are asking Europeans to reexamine exactly what such "green energy" entails.

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    Climate change, energy security and arms trade

    25 Abril 2013
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    While it is increasingly clear that climate change is an irreversible processes that will hit people and the environment hard, the defence industry sees new profit opportunities.

  4. SA mining laws cause for concern

    Tony Carnie
    03 Octubre 2012
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    Speaking at a recent conference in Iceland, David Fig of UCT questioned why SA remained trapped in an undemocratic industrial paradigm which gave primacy to its minerals and energy sector.