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  1. Rethinking Corporatization and Public Services in the Global South

    16 Marzo 2015

    After three decades of privatization and anti-state rhetoric, government ownership and public management are back in vogue.

  2. Audio: Farmers speak out to defend land sovereignty

    Radio Mundo Real
    13 Octubre 2011

    Social movement representatives are in Rome this week for the final UN negotiations to adopt voluntary guidelines that would regulate the use and possession of land and other natural resources.

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    Global Inequalities, Alternative Regionalism and the Future of Socialism

    • Tom Reifer
    30 Agosto 2011

    This paper examines global inequalities and the future of capitalism and socialism through an investigation of the oligarchic wealth on which the current global order is based and also looks at growing challenges to these social foundations of the present global system.

  4. UN World Water Day 2011: Reclaiming public water for our cities

    21 Marzo 2011

    TNI's Water Justice programme is marking this year's UN World Water Day in Cape Town at the GWOPA (Global Water Operator partnerships Alliance) Congress, in the continuing struggle to reclaim public water.

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    Where are the EPA Impact Assessments

    Moyiga Nduru
    10 Mayo 2007
    En los medios
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