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  1. Cannabis umnebelt die Koalition

    25 Noviembre 2014
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    In der Großen Koalition in Berlin ist eine Debatte um die zulässige Menge für Eigenkonsum von Cannabis entbrannt. Die CDU will das Limit auf sechs Gramm statt wie bisher 15 Gramm senken. Die SPD ist gegen diesen Vorstoß. Die Meinungsverschiedenheiten in der Fraktion sind relevant, weil die Berliner Verordnung, die die höhere Freimenge regelt, Anfang 2015 erneuert werden muss.

  2. Will Guatemala really explore marijuana legalization in 2015?

    20 Noviembre 2014
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    Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina in a recent interview mooted the idea of his country legalizing marijuana next year. Can we really expect bold changes in Guatemalan drug policy in the near future? Speaking to TeleSur, President Perez said that Guatemala was watching Uruguay's experiment with marijuana legalization and would likely take a decision on whether to pursue regulation itself in 2015.

  3. Un peu moins de fumée autour des politiques antidrogues

    19 Noviembre 2014
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    Il faut changer la loi de 1970 pénalisant l’usage de cannabis : c’est ce que préconisent deux députés, auteurs d’un rapport sur les drogues illicites dans lequel ils actent l’échec de la politique de prohibition, suivie depuis quatre décennies. Mais ils divergent sur la conduite à tenir : pour l’UMP Laurent Marcangeli (Corse-du-Sud), il convient de punir l’usage d’une simple contravention. Pour la PS Anne-Yvonne Le Dain, une légalisation s’impose dans l’espace privé, avec «une offre réglementée du produit sous le contrôle de l’Etat». (Cannabis : une contravention pour les consommateurs ?)

  4. Pot luck

    18 Noviembre 2014
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    Smoking, growing, buying, selling or merely possessing cannabis is a criminal offence, according to America's federal government. Ask the states, however, and you will get almost 50 different answers. In 13 of them possession of the drug has been decriminalised, meaning that tokers face only minor penalties if caught. In 23 it has been legalised for medical use. And in four—including, following ballot initiatives earlier this month, Alaska and Oregon—cannabis has been legalised outright. In all only 22 states, fewer than half the total, continue to treat the drug as criminal contraband under all circumstances.

  5. Positives Echo auf Cannabis-Modellversuch

    17 Noviembre 2014
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    Die CDU will den von der Gesundheitsdezernentin Rosemarie Heilig angestrebten Modellversuch zur Entkriminalisierung von Cannabis erst einmal in Ruhe prüfen.

  6. Auf dem Weg zur Legalisierung

    16 Noviembre 2014
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    Gesundheitsdezernentin Rosemarie Heilig (Grüne) hat sich auf der Ersten Frankfurter Fachtagung zu Cannabis für einen Modellversuch zur Entkriminalisierung der Droge ausgesprochen. Damit soll vor allem der Jugendschutz verbessert werden. Die Städte sollten nach Wegen suchen, um den illegalen Handel einzudämmen. Das im Betäubungsmittelgesetz verankerte Verbot von Cannabis habe sein Ziel nicht erreicht. (Mehr dazu: Niemand will Cannabis im Supermarkt verkaufen | Experten fordern Cannabis-Liberalisierung | Cannabis-Konferenz in Frankfurt)

  7. Pot legalization: Gateway to what?

    12 Noviembre 2014
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    The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) plans to stay on the sidelines of future pot legalization campaigns – already supported by groups plotting ballot campaigns in 2016 – and pour resources into fights for criminal justice reform. One model to replicate is California's Proposition 47, approved by 58 percent to lower penalties for drug possession and other nonviolent crimes. "We would love to be able to have ballot initiatives in a number of states that may look very similar to Proposition 47," says ACLU's Alison Holcomb . "Hopefully we will be able to find states where we can go further and say, ‘Let’s decriminalize the possession of drugs and let’s talk about what we can do to address drug use and abuse.’"

  8. The dark-horse policy reform that has both Obama and some GOPers optimistic

    09 Noviembre 2014
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    With Democrats holding the White House and Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress, it's been suggested that the odds are slim of any major legislation becoming law over the next two years. But officials in the Obama administration and on Capitol Hill say there is one issue that may have enough cross-party appeal to break through the logjams. That issue is criminal justice reform. During the 2014 midterm elections, voters approved sweeping drug and criminal justice reform measures in multiple states, setting the stage for what may prove to be even more significant policy shifts over the next two years and beyond.

  9. Marijuana may mean ticket, not arrest, in New York City

    08 Noviembre 2014
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    The New York Police Department, which has been arresting tens of thousands of people a year for low-level marijuana possession, is to stop making such arrests and to issue tickets instead. People found with small amounts of marijuana would be issued court summonses and be allowed to continue on their way without being handcuffed and taken to station houses for fingerprinting. The change would remake the way the police in New York City handle the most common drug offenses to address the effects of the department’s excessive stop-and-frisk practices. (See also: Concerns in criminal justice system as New York City eases marijuana policy)

  10. US vote refuels ganja debate

    06 Noviembre 2014
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    The local pro-ganja lobby in Jamaica is welcoming the vote for the legalisation of ganja in the American states of Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC. "One of the biggest stumbling blocks has been the fear about how the United States would react to what we are doing and what we seeing happening is a clear indication that the United States people are moving in favour of legalising ganja on a wider and wider basis, whilst Jamaica continues to stall and not be bold enough to do what we need to do," Delano Seiveright, director of the Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Taskforce said. (See also: Jamaica urged to keep ganja debate going)

  11. 6 facts about marijuana

    05 Noviembre 2014
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    Attitudes about marijuana have undergone a rapid shift in public opinion, paralleled by few other trends in the U.S. Our recent data, along with historical figures from Gallup and the General Social Survey, reveal how views have shifted about the drug over time. Earlier this year, our survey found that many more Americans now favor shifting the focus of the nation’s overall drug policy. Here are six key facts about public opinion and marijuana.