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  1. The Opium Farmers of Myanmar

    16 Diciembre 2015
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    The Fix - The most recent figures, released in 2014 by UNODC, show that poppy cultivation has more than doubled since 2006. A report by the Transnational Institute (TNI) sheds light on the reasons behind this increase.

  2. The drug war in the Myanmar's mountains

    06 Noviembre 2015
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    IRIN - The reasons behind Myanmar’s six decades of ethnic warfare are many and varied, but General “Robert” Ar Nyun can tell you in a word why his group began fighting the government four years ago: drugs.

  3. ‘Drug Free’ ASEAN by 2015?

    08 Agosto 2015
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    The Diplomat - There is a growing consensus within the region that the war on drugs has failed.

  4. The Land-Drugs Nexus in Myanmar

    Tom Kramer
    06 Agosto 2015

    Farmers in Myanmar use opium as a cash crop, “because they cannot grow enough food to feed their families for the whole year”.

  5. TNI: Peace process raises hope for more effective and human drug policies

    10 Junio 2015
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    Shan Herald Agency for News - The Transnational Institute, has released another report saying the ongoing peace process has raised hope for more effective drug policies.

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    TNI: Peace process raises hope for more effective and human drug policies

    10 Junio 2015
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    Shan Herald Agency for News - The Transnational Institute, has released another report saying the ongoing peace process has raised hope for more effective drug policies.

  7. Towards a Healthier Legal Environment

    • Ernestien Jensema, Martin Jelsma, Tom Kramer, Nang Pann Ei Kham, Gloria Lai, Tripti Tandon
    16 Febrero 2015

    The decision of the Myanmar Government to review drug laws is not only timely, but also offers a prospect to improve the drugs legislation and to ensure that the laws address drug-related problems in the country more effectively.

  8. Myanmar Returns to What Sells: Heroin

    Thomas Fuller
    03 Enero 2015
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    A decade ago, Myanmar seemed on course to wipe out the opium fields and heroin jungle labs along its eastern border, the notorious Golden Triangle. Today, valley after valley in these mist-shrouded mountains is covered with resplendent opium poppies, tended by farmers who perch on steep hillsides to harvest the plant’s sticky, intoxicating sap.

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    Retos descomunales

    Ricardo Vargas
    27 Septiembre 2014
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    El acuerdo parcial del punto cuarto de la Agenda de La Habana —‘Solución al problema de las drogas ilícitas’— mantiene inamovible la política antidrogas que ha venido aplicando Colombia durante varias décadas.

  10. Colombia, more than three decades of toxic sprayings. Enough!

    Amira Armenta
    26 Septiembre 2014

    It is unfortunate that 35 years after the first chemical spraying in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, we are still writing about aerial sprayings in Colombia, demanding the current government to definitely defer an ecocide and incompetent policy.

  11. ¿Está condenado al fracaso el acuerdo sobre drogas alcanzado por el gobierno de Colombia y las FARC?

    Kyra Gurney - 8 de agosto, 2014
    25 Agosto 2014
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    En un informe titulado "Drugs, Armed Conflict, and Peace" (Drogas, conflicto armado y Paz) Ricardo Vargas -investigador asociado del Transnational Institute- examina el acuerdo parcial sobre drogas ilegales alcanzado en mayo durante las negociaciones de paz entre las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) y el gobierno del país.

  12. La reelección de Juan Manuel Santos

    17 Junio 2014

    Qué podemos esperar de los próximos cuatro años del Gobierno de Santos en materia de políticas de drogas.

  13. Repressive policies only stoking Asean's drug problem

    Martin Jelsma, Tom Kramer
    10 Junio 2014

    The strategy of Asean's 10 member countries to become "drug free" by 2015 is failing dramatically. In the last decade, opium cultivation in the region has doubled, drug use -- especially of methamphetamines, a powerful synthetic stimulant -- has increased significantly, and there remain strong links between drugs, conflict, crime and corruption.

  14. Heroin returns to Golden Triangle

    02 Junio 2014
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    Poppy cultivation has rapidly expanded in the Myanmar and Laos parts of the Golden Triangle, to feed new demands for heroin, chiefly in China, according to a report released Monday.
    "After a decade of decline, Southeast Asia is now once again a major opium growing region," it claims.

  15. Policy Reform Needed to Stem Burma’s Resurgent Drug Trade

    02 Junio 2014
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    The resurgence of the illicit drugs trade in Burma in recent years is the result of flawed drug control policies by Burma and its neighbors, a new report says. It urges regional governments to reform their repressive policies in order to better address the trade’s underlying causes, such as rural poverty, and the impact of a rise in drug use.

  16. Regional anti-drug policies exacerbating problem: study

    Bill O’Toole
    02 Junio 2014
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    The steep rise is opium cultivation across Southeast Asia and its associated problems over the past five years is being encouraged by draconian anti-drug policies instituted as part ASEAN's strategy to become "drug-free" by 2015, a non-government organisation says in a new report.

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    Burma's Opium Production has hit record levels because Farmers have no Choice

    19 Diciembre 2013
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    Opium production in Southeast Asia has hit record levels, thanks in large part to increased poppy cultivation in Burma’s impoverished, war-torn north.

  18. Un Plan Paz

    12 Diciembre 2013

    En este tema de las drogas, más que en ninguno otro de la agenda, la paz del campo colombiano está también en manos de Washington.