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  1. 'Soft drug' legalization law may be withdrawn

    02 Febrero 2012
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    Greece may withdraw a bill allowing the possession of small amounts of 'soft' drugs for personal use because of opposition from two parties that support Lucas Papademos’s interim government. Plans to change the law stem partly from a need to ease overcrowding in prisons. According to Justice Ministry data, 40 percent of the prisoners now held in Greek jails were involved in drug-related crimes.

  2. Drugs bill goes to Parliament

    09 Enero 2012
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    Draft legislation that foresees the decriminalization of the possession of small quantities of drugs for personal use but the leveling of criminal charges against individuals caught growing or manufacturing drugs or using them in public was submitted in Parliament in Greece. The bill is part of a broader initiative aimed at decongesting Greece’s jails, many of which are filled to beyond double their capacity. (See also: Drug law reform in Greece)

  3. Drug law reform in Greece

    Thanasis Apostolou
    06 Octubre 2011

    On August 2, 2011 the Minister of Justice presented to the Committee on Social Affairs of the Greek Parliament the changes proposed by the legislative committee to reform the drug laws. The basic reforms of the law include: the decriminalization of drug use. The proposal considers drug use as an act of self-harm and has to be addressed by the legislator in the same way as dependence of tobacco or alcohol which are not less dangerous and harmful to health but are not considered as crime.

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    Grecia despenalizará la posesión y el consumo de drogas

    07 Septiembre 2011
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    greeceGrecia despenalizará el consumo y la posesión de «pequeñas cantidades» de todos los tipos de drogas, según ha indicado este miércoles el ministro de Justicia Miltiades Papaïoannou, después de la aprobación de un proyecto de ley en el Consejo de Ministros. «La ley griega tiene que ir acorde con la legislación europea y las personas a las que se les detenga con pequeñas cantidades para su uso personal no serán considerados riminales», confirma Papaïoannou.

  5. Possession of drugs for personal use to be decriminalized

    07 Septiembre 2011
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    Criminal charges will only be brought against individuals caught growing or manufacturing drugs or using them in public, according to a draft law presented by the Justice Ministry on Wednesday, which says that the possession of a small quantity of drugs for personal use will be decriminalized. (See also: Drug law reform in Greece)