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  1. "Just say no" is not an "alternative approach" to the drug problem

    George Murkin (Transform Blog)
    30 Mayo 2014
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    Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, who was removed from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs after one month, this week wrote two rather provocative articles on the Conservative Woman website. Raabe’s main argument is that a better, “alternative approach to the drug problem” would be to create a “drug-free society”. Punitive, zero-tolerance, abstinence-based approaches have been the dominant drug policy model in most parts of the world for over half a century now – and they haven’t worked. They've caused a great deal of harm and haven’t really stopped people taking drugs.

  2. nixon

    ¿Ha perdido Estados Unidos la guerra contra las drogas?

    Gary S. Becker, Kevin M. Murphy
    06 Enero 2013
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    El entonces presidente de Estados Unidos Richard Nixon declaró en 1971 "la guerra contra las drogas". La expectativa era que el narcotráfico en el país podría reducirse drásticamente en poco tiempo mediante operaciones policiales. Sin embargo, la lucha continúa. El costo ha sido grande en términos de vidas, dinero y el bienestar de muchos estadounidenses, especialmente los pobres y los de menor nivel educativo. Según la mayoría de los recuentos, los beneficios de la guerra han sido modestos en el mejor de los casos.

  3. Drug use is an issue for society, not the criminal justice system

    Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet
    10 Septiembre 2012
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    There is no reliable evidence that tougher criminal sanctions deter drug use or offending. On the contrary, criminalisation worsens the health and wellbeing of drug users, increases risk behaviours, drives the spread of HIV, encourages other crime and discourages drug users from seeking treatment. A report by Australia21, Alternatives to Prohibition, subtitled Illicit drugs: how we can stop killing and criminalising young Australians, sets out the lessons learnt about the failed war on drugs from other countries, especially Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Portugal.