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  1. Fate of drug laws hazy but voters will decide

    23 Octubre 2008
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    A first opinion poll found that the prescription of heroin for addicts stands a good chance of passing on November 30. However, a proposal to decriminalise cannabis attracts neither a clear majority of supporters nor opponents six weeks before the ballot. Interior Minister Pascal Couchepin said decriminalising pot smoking could pose problems for Switzerland as a signatory state of international drug control conventions. In its campaign the government cautioned against rushing through legislation for which there was no majority in parliament four years ago.

  2. Voters agree heroin scheme, but throw out dope

    30 Noviembre 2008
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    The Swiss look set to approve the government's drugs policy, including the prescription of heroin to addicts, but will reject a plan to decriminalise cannabis. More than two-thirds of voters approved a plan to enshrine the government's four-pillar drugs policy in law. The official drugs strategy is based on prevention, harm reduction, therapy and repression. It was devised in response to the open drugs scene in Zurich and other Swiss cities during the 1990s.

  3. All parties must see that the drugs war has failed

    Icaria Editorial
    19 Diciembre 2010
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    It is clearly expecting too much of Westminster that, when a recently retired cabinet minister calls for mature debate on drugs policy, a mature debate might actually follow.

  4. David Cameron urged to take 'now or never' step on drugs reform

    09 Diciembre 2012
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    David Cameron should urgently set up a royal commission to consider all the alternatives to Britain's failing drug laws, including decriminalisation and legalisation, an influential cross-party group of MPs has concluded. The Commons home affairs select committee says after taking evidence from all sides of the drug debate, that "now, more than ever" there is a case for a fundamental review of all UK drug policy. (See also: Committee calls for Royal Commission to examine UK Drug Policy)

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    Decriminalise heroin and cocaine says Belfast drugs worker

    14 Febrero 2013
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    One of Northern Ireland's most senior drugs workers has said that class A drugs like heroin should be decriminalised, regulated and made available on prescription. "I think the impact of decriminalising, of regulating, of taking this activity out of the hands of organised crime, is the way to improve our society right now," said Michael Foley, the head of the Belfast Trust's Drug Outreach Team.

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    Noruega quiere despenalizar la inhalación de heroína

    28 Febrero 2013
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    El gobierno noruego anunció su intención de despenalizar la inhalación de heroína, un método menos peligroso que la inyección, para reducir el número de sobredosis. "Las cifras de sobredosis mortales son demasiado elevadas y diría que es una vergüenza para Noruega", declaró el ministro de Salud. Con 262 sobredosis mortales en 2011, de las cuales un 30% de heroína, Noruega es uno de los países de Europa con mayor número de muertes a causa de la droga, según el organismo público de investigación sobre toxicomanía y alcoholismo Sirus.

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    Norway mulls decriminalising heroin smoking

    28 Febrero 2013
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    The Norwegian government it wants to decriminalise the inhalation of heroin, a method considered less dangerous than injecting it, to reduce the number of overdoses in the country. The move would make smoking heroin an offense on par with injecting, which is illegal in Norway but tolerated. Oslo's municipality operates a site where heroin addicts can inject drugs under safer, more hygienic circumstances.