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  1. Food Wars

    Walden Bello, Mara Baviera
    08 Julio 2009

    In 2006–08, food shortages became a global reality, with the prices of commodities spiraling beyond the reach of vast numbers of people. International agencies were caught flatfooted, with the World Food Program warning that its rapidly diminishing food stocks might not be able to deal with the emergency.

  2. The global food price crisis - a critique of orthodox perspectives

    30 Junio 2009
    Capitalist industrial agriculture, with its wrenching destabilisation and transformation of land, nature, and social relations is responsible for today's food crises, argues Walden Bello.
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    How to manufacture a global food crisis: lessons from the World Bank, IMF, and WTO

    Walden Bello
    16 Mayo 2008
    The global rise in food prices is not only a consequence of using food crops to produce biofuels, but of the "free trade" policies promoted by international financial institutions. Now peasant organisations are leading the opposition to a capitalist industrial agriculture.
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    Por una alimentación segura

    Susan George
    24 Marzo 1999