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  1. Myanmar Opium Farmers Forum at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in October 2018

    Myanmar Opium Farmers Forum (MOFF)
    30 Octubre 2018

    The voice of communities involved in illicit cultivation had long been excluded from policymaking platforms. However, thanks to growing networks such as the Myanmar Opium Farmers Forum, more and more farmers have gained more space to provide input to drug policy discussions at the UN level.

  2. The Globalisation of Countering Violent Extremism Policy

    16 Octubre 2018 - Evento

    At this New York launch event for the The Globalisation of Countering Violent Extremism Policy report, the adoption of CVE by policymakers within international institutions will be analyzed and assessed from a human rights perspective.

  3. The treaty on transnational corporations and human rights enters “negotiation mode”

    23 Octubre 2017 - Evento

    A treaty on transnational corporations (TNCs) and human rights moved a step closer during the latest meeting of the UN working group on human rights and transnational corporations, despite challenges from the EU and the US.

  4. The treaty on transnational corporations and human rights enters “negotiation mode”

    08 Noviembre 2017

    A treaty on transnational corporations (TNCs) and human rights moved a step closer during the latest meeting of the UN working group on human rights and transnational corporations, despite challenges from the EU and the US.

  5. Semana de movilización de los pueblos en Ginebra

    23 Octubre 2016 - Evento

    Entre el 24 y el 28 de octubre tendrá lugar la Segunda sesión del Grupo de Trabajo Intergubernamental de Composición Abierta del Consejo de Derechos Humanos (OEIGWG), cuyo mandato consiste en establecer un Tratado Vinculante sobre las empresas transnacionales y los derechos humanos.  

  6. Week of Peoples Mobilisation

    23 Octubre 2016 - Evento

    Violations of human rights and the rights of peoples and nature have become an all too common part of transnational corporations’ operations. There are no binding rules for corporations on Human Rights at the international level. That’s why again this year, in coordination with the Treaty Alliance, the Global Campaign is returning to Geneva to advocate directly to UN member states to engage in a process to create a treaty, and to ensure they hear the voices of communities impacted by corporate violations loud and clear. Inside and Outside the UN dozens of delegates from social movements and civil society networks worldwide will participate in the Week of Peoples Mobilisation.

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    Palestinian statehood: a lost cause?

    Phyllis Bennis, Daniel Levy Nadim Shehadi
    01 Enero 2015

    Why deals done at the United Nations Security Council undermined efforts to end Israeli occupation.

  8. Reclaiming People’s Sovereignty in an era of Corporate Power

    Brid Brennan
    26 Noviembre 2014

    Despite the track record of systemic and systematic violations of the range of human rights, the efforts to establish legally binding obligations and an instrument of enforcement within the UN system have been defeated by determined corporate opposition. The current Guiding Principles developed by the former Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, John Ruggie, do not create "any new international legal obligations" and are therefore non-binding.

  9. Should NATO be helping Ukraine face Russia?

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    10 Septiembre 2014

    The debate about the role of NATO in Ukraine is starting too late: Western leaders already made a fatal decision to back the new Kiev government no matter what it is doing and no matter what the real situation is on the ground.

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    EEUU y UE se oponen a obligar a multinacionales a respetar los DD.HH.

    29 Junio 2014
    En los medios

    La ONU ha decidido formar un grupo de trabajo que trabaje sobre un marco legal que comprometa de forma efectiva a los Estados a supervisar el cumplimiento de los derechos humanos.

  11. "La resolución de la ONU sobre Siria es un gran éxito"

    Jochen Hippler
    07 Octubre 2013

    La resolución del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU sobre el desarme químico en Siria es un paso muy positivo, pero el proceso de paz en Ginebra da lugar al escepticismo.

  12. Syria crisis demands tough diplomacy

    Phyllis Bennis, David Wildman
    27 Agosto 2013

    The threat of a reckless, dangerous, and illegal US or US-led assault on Syria is looking closer than ever. However any attack will not protect civilians—it will mean taking sides once again in a bloody, complicated civil war.

  13. Secrets, Lies, & Propaganda

    • Tom Reifer
    03 Enero 2013

    After the US embrace of torture after 9/11 it was only a matter of time before Hollywood decided to make a tribute to America’s liberal culture of torture for the big screen; Zero Dark Thirty

  14. The Phases of War: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Israel

    Phyllis Bennis
    19 Abril 2012

    The U.S. is 11 years into its current war in Afghanistan and still losing. We never had a chance to "win" this war of vengeance – and while few in Washington are ready to admit that, they’ve continued to revise and redefine just what "winning" might look like.

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    Assessing Burma/Myanmar’s New Government

    19 Abril 2012
    Policy briefing

    Burma is in the midst of its most important period of political transition in over two decades. TNI and BCN hosted a conference to look at the challenges and opportunities in five key areas: politics, ethnic relations, the economy, social and humanitarian affairs, and the international landscape.

  16. Bye-bye peace process: Palestine comes to the UN

    Phyllis Bennis
    21 Septiembre 2011

    After 20 years of failed U.S. diplomacy based on protecting Israel’s occupation, the need to move to a new diplomacy rooted in international law and human rights remains a vital necessity.

  17. Victory in Afghanistan

    Ross Eventon
    16 Agosto 2011

    Debate over the 10-year-plus war in Afghanistan tends to focus on how and when it "can be won," obscuring the fundamental question of whether it was morally acceptable in the first place. Now as the US gets closer to consolidating its imperial presence in the region for decades to come, the high cost to the Afghani people continues to be ignored.

  18. Urgent need for binding obligations on Transnational Corporations raised at the UN

    Brid Brennan
    01 Junio 2011

    John Ruggie's proposed guidelines to the UN on Human Rights and Transnational Corporations fail to bring TNCs under any binding law, thefore enabling human rights and environmental crimes to continue with impunity.

  19. Open letter to UN-HABITAT Executive Director, Joan Clos, on UN funding for water justice

    Satoko Kishimoto, aleksej
    11 Abril 2011

    Recent plans to cut funds for the UN's water related work - meaning support for water operator partnership (WOP) alliances would be lost - is a major threat to the great progress which has already been achieved and threatens to undermine the provision of universal access to clean public water.

  20. Jaw-jaw about the Libya war-war

    Oscar Reyes
    31 Marzo 2011

    Instead of focusing on the motives of the US and NATO, the opposition to the Libyan bombings needs to focus on the likely outcomes. Afghanistan and Iraq taught us there is still no way to bomb a country into democracy.