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  1. The Arab uprisings a decade on: Egypt and Tunisia

    05 Febrero 2021

    This webinar is the first of a series - each with a different focus and angle -and will focus on Tunisia and Egypt, the birthplace of the magnificent revolts. The aim is to revisit these historical moments with some of the finest scholar-activists, participants and witnesses from those very contexts.

  2. Egyptian revolution turns sour

    Phyllis Bennis
    16 Agosto 2013

    "Egypt today remains horrifically divided, with today's bloodbath certain to make things worse"

  3. US backing crucial to Gaza attacks

    Phyllis Bennis
    20 Noviembre 2012

    Israel's attack on Gaza could not have happened without the strong support of US administration, but the political changes in the Middle East have left Israel and the US more isolated than ever.

  4. Celebration and Relief in Egypt

    Phyllis Bennis
    05 Julio 2012

    Many of the secular activists and organizations who had played such a central role in the Arab Spring uprising came together with the Muslim Brotherhood in a unified front to challenge the military's continuing seizure of power.

  5. Understanding the Arab Spring

    Kamil Mahdi, Phyllis Bennis, Ben Hayes, Salwa Ismail, Shaheer George, Mehdi Lalou, Yao Graham
    21 Junio 2011

    Middle East scholars join TNI fellows in a unique and fascinating discussion of the context of the democracy uprisings in the Middle East and the way it may shape the region for future generations.

  6. Mubarak defiant

    Phyllis Bennis
    22 Febrero 2011

    After Egyptian President Mubarak defied the rising demand of millions of protesters and announced he will remain in office, the question is what happens next.

  7. The toxic residue of colonialism

    Richard Falk
    19 Febrero 2011

    The overt age of grand empires gave way to the age of covert imperial hegemony, but now the edifice is crumbling.

  8. An Arab 1848: Despots Totter and Fall

    Tariq Ali
    09 Febrero 2011

    The rediscovery of Arab solidarity against the repellent dictatorships and those who sustain them is a new turning point in the Middle East.

  9. Tunisia's Spark and Egypt's Flame: the Middle East is Rising

    Phyllis Bennis
    01 Febrero 2011

    The protesters in Tunisia and Egypt are calling for deep elemental changes in their societies.

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    Egyptian and Tunisian people vs US dominance

    Phyllis Bennis
    31 Enero 2011

    The Egyptian people are not only demanding fair elections, but a different kind of democracy.