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  1. Image of UN Flag

    UN Common Position on drug policy - Consolidating system-wide coherence

    • Martin Jelsma
    03 Diciembre 2019
    Policy briefing

    In November 2018, the UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination adopted the ‘UN system common position supporting the implementation of the international drug control policy through effective inter-agency collaboration’, expressing the shared drug policy principles of all UN organisations and committing them to speak with one voice.

  2. The Battle for a New World

    • John Feffer (ed)
    03 Diciembre 2019

    The far right is increasingly active globally—at the level of governments, through civil society, and in the digital sphere. Their political parties are cooperating across borders, their anti- democratic actions are undermining the rule of law, their attacks on “globalists” are eroding the efficacy of international institutions, and their racist memes are spreading throughout culture. According to the 80 academics, researchers, and activists interviewed in this report, this threat to democracy and internationalism is urgent.

  3. Our Oceans need a different approach

    Zoe Brent, Mads Barbesgaard, Carsten Pedersen
    24 Octubre 2019

    Delegates to the Our Oceans conference are gathering to discuss ocean sustainability, but there’s a big problem: their proposals will only sanitize continued resource extraction and environmental and ecological degradation.

  4. Opciones de comercio (más) justo para el mercado de cannabis

    • Martin Jelsma, Sylvia Kay, David Bewley-Taylor
    09 Octubre 2019

    Los cambios políticos ocurridos en los últimos cinco años han reconfigurado dramáticamente el mercado del cannabis. No solo ha habido un boom sin precedentes en el mercado medicinal sino que, siguiendo los cambios políticos en muchas jurisdicciones, un número creciente de países también se están preparando para la regulación legal del uso no medicinal. Tales movimientos son impulsados por el reconocimiento de la inefectividad probada de las políticas represivas durante décadas, que han acarreado graves consecuencias negativas y apuntan a proporcionar un amplio rango de beneficios en términos de la salud y los derechos humanos. Sin embargo, también hay serias preocupaciones acerca del despliegue de las dinámicas de mercado.

  5. Global Campaign: Semana de Movilización de los Pueblos

    12 Octubre 2019 - Evento

    Súmate para reclamar los derechos de los pueblos por encima de los derechos de los inversores, el lucro e impunidad de las Transnacionales. 

  6. Global Campaign: Week of Peoples Mobilisation

    12 Octubre 2019 - Evento

    Join in to reclaim peoples rights over investors and corporate profits and impunity.

  7. The Transnational Institute supports the Global Climate Strike

    24 Septiembre 2019

    The climate crisis is a manifestation of the systemic, capitalist crisis. We demand governments tackle the climate crisis by ending corporate power, facilitated by the trade and investment regime, that has long destroyed livelihoods and communities.

    This corporate impunity has led to the wholesale looting of the biosphere, authoritarian responses and worsening social, political and environmental conflicts, particularly in the Global South.

  8. Transformative Cities People's Choice Award 2019

    18 Septiembre 2019

    Please cast up to four votes on your favorite examples of transformation in areas of water, energy, housing and food systems. You can cast up to 4 votes, one for each of the 4 categories. We will announce the 2019 People's Choice Award in the fall of 2019.

  9. Countdown to the Next Financial Crisis: Why? Where? When?

    23 Septiembre 2019 - Evento

    A conversation between Walden Bello and Prof Dirk Bezemer

  10. Transnational Institute’s Drugs & Democracy Programme Team

    World Drug Day 2019

    26 Junio 2019

    Today marks the United Nations’ International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Its origin can be traced back to the institutional architecture of the global drug control system which for the last five decades has served as a mechanism that regulates, controls, or prohibits the use and distribution of more than 300 psychoactive substances.

  11. Transnational Institute’s Drugs & Democracy Programme Team

    Día Mundial de las Drogas 2019

    26 Junio 2019

    Hoy se conmemora el Día Internacional de la Lucha contra el Uso Indebido y el Tráfico Ilícito de Drogas de las Naciones Unidas. El origen de este día internacional se encuentra en la estructura institucional del sistema mundial de fiscalización de drogas, que lleva cinco décadas funcionando como mecanismo para regular, controlar o prohibir el uso y la distribución de más de 300 sustancias psicoactivas.

  12. Food production for profit illustration

    Når magt vokser som ukrudt: Virksomhedsfusioner og kampen for vores madsystem

    • Katie Sandwell
    17 Mayo 2019

    Gigantvirksomheder har taget kontrollen over vores mad. I løbet af de sidste to år har disse virksomheder arbejdet på at fusionere, så de bliver til blot fire enorme virksomheder. Jo større disse virksomheder bliver, desto sværere er de at kontrollere, og jo mindre kontrol vi har over dem, desto sværere er det at opbygge et alternativt madsystem; et madsystem, som flere og flere efterspørger. Nemlig et madsystem, der anerkender menneskers værdi, har respekt for planeten og leverer og sikrer anstændigt og værdigt arbejde. Hvordan skete det, og hvad kan vi gøre ved det?

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  13. El primer examen crítico del cannabis por parte de la OMS

    • John Walsh, Martin Jelsma, Tom Blickman, David Bewley-Taylor
    14 Mayo 2019
    Policy briefing

    El Comité de Expertos en Farmacodependencia (ECDD por sus siglas en inglés, o Comité de Expertos) de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) publicó en enero de 2019 los resultados del primer examen crítico del cannabis, en los que recomienda que se introduzcan algunos cambios en la clasificación actual de las sustancias relacionadas con el cannabis en virtud de los tratados de fiscalización de drogas de las Naciones Unidas.

  14. As the world meets to discuss ISDS, many fear meaningless reforms

    Alexander Beunder, Jilles Mast
    05 Abril 2019

    This week, representatives of around 100 countries are meeting in New York to talk about investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). ISDS is a legal instrument that multinationals can use to sue governments for billions. External experts and observers fear that the new negotiations will amount to ‘old wine in new bottles’. They believe that those who benefit from this instrument (powerful states and top lawyers from the ISDS sector) are controlling the debate.

  15. The WHO’s First-Ever Critical Review of Cannabis

    • John Walsh, Martin Jelsma, Tom Blickman, David Bewley-Taylor
    19 Marzo 2019
    Policy briefing

    The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD or Expert Committee) released in January 2019 the outcomes of the first-ever critical review of cannabis, recommending a series of changes in the current scheduling of cannabis-related substances under the UN drug control conventions.

  16. Border Memorial, Tijuana, Mexico

    The globalisation of border control and peoples’ resistance

    Mónica Vargas
    13 Marzo 2019

    Forced to leave their homes to flee violence, war or poverty and invisible because they are vulnerable, large numbers of migrants disappear while travelling. This analysis of border control looks at the power and impunity of transnational corporations, militarisation, the externalisation of borders, Israel’s role as a laboratory for the wall industry and the criminalisation of international solidarity, among other issues.

  17. Castle rock wildfire.

    Apostando por el desastre: la lucha contra quienes juegan con nuestro futuro

    Nick Buxton
    11 Marzo 2019

    El lado oscuro del capitalismo nos enseña que el desorden, el cambio y la escasez ofrecen posibilidades de beneficio a quienes estén dispuestos a especular con sus consecuencias.

  18. Fair(er) Trade Options for the Cannabis Market

    • Martin Jelsma, Sylvia Kay, David Bewley-Taylor
    02 Marzo 2019

    Policy changes over the past five years or so have dramatically reshaped the global cannabis market. Not only has there been an unprecedented boom in medical markets, but following policy shifts in several jurisdictions a growing number of countries are also preparing for legal regulation of non-medical use. Such moves look set to bring a clear range of benefits in terms of health and human rights. As this groundbreaking Report, highlights, however, there are also serious concerns about the unfolding market dynamics.

  19. Castle rock wildfire.

    Betting on a crash – confronting those speculating on our future

    Nick Buxton
    06 Febrero 2019

    The dark side of capitalism is that disruption, change and scarcity all provide avenues of profit for those willing to speculate on its consequences.

  20. Farm land bordering industrial area

    The agrarian question of the 21st century

    Alberto Alonso-Fradejas
    31 Enero 2019

    What are the implications of the rise of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) for agrarian and environmental transformations, worldwide and in the BRICS countries in particular? This is the main issue with which the BRICS Initiative for Critical Agrarian Studies (BICAS) has been concerned since 2013, when it was launched in Beijing by a collective of largely BRICS-based research institutions1.