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    Rights to Water and Land, a Common Struggle

    15 Abril 2015

    Declaration of social movements, grassroots organizations and civil society organizations fighting and protesting against natural resource grabbing, especially water and land grabbing of our Commons, and against the systematic violations of the associated human rights.

  2. Asia-Europe Peoples' AEPF10 Forum

    10 Octubre 2014 - Evento
  3. EU crisis policies put on trial

    15 Mayo 2014 - Evento
  4. Cumbre alternativa contra la crisis europea: manifiesto de los pueblos

    21 Junio 2013

    El TNI fue una de las organizaciones participantes en la Cumbre alternativa y firmantes del Manifiesto: Nuestras prioridades comunes urgentes para una Europa democrática, social, ecológica y feminista.

  5. Alter Summit: A People's Manifesto

    20 Junio 2013

    TNI was one of the participating organisations at the Alter Summit and signatories to the Manifesto: Our urgent common priorities for a democratic, social, ecological and feminist Europe.

  6. TNI at the Alter Summit

    Sol Trumbo Vila
    10 Junio 2013

    The Alter Summit is taking place one week after the big mobilization against the Troika in 100 European cities and the blockade of the ECB led Blockupy.

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    The Road to the Alter Summit

    05 Junio 2013
    En los medios

    Susan George speaking in short documentary film about the Alter Summit

  8. Networking against Fracking

    Satoko Kishimoto
    05 Abril 2013

    Global networking is key to winning battle against fracking, say activists at WSF.

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    World Social Forum debuts in Arab world

    05 Abril 2013
    En los medios

    [Dismantle Corporate Power banner at the Opening March of the WSF in Tunis, 27 March 2013]

  10. Declaración de la Asamblea de los Movimientos Sociales

    02 Abril 2013

    Nosotras y nosotros, reunidos en la Asamblea de Movimientos Sociales, realizada en Tunis durante el Foro Social Mundial 2013, afirmamos el aporte fundamental de los pueblos del Magreb-Mashreck (desde la África del Norte hasta el Medio Oriente) en la construcción de la civilización humana.

  11. Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly

    02 Abril 2013

    As the Social Movements Assembly of the World Social Forum of Tunisia, 2013, we are gathered here to affirm the fundamental contribution of peoples of Maghreb-Mashrek (from North Africa to the Middle East), in the construction of human civilization.

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    Dismantling Transnational Corporations

    Michael Levitin
    02 Abril 2013
    En los medios

    One of the most impacting meetings took place Thursday, when more than 100 people filled a lecture hall, organized by the coalition Stop Corporate Impunity, to hear an array of speakers on a panel called “Confronting the Power of Transnational Corporations and Unpacking the Global Investment, Trade and Financial Regimes.”

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    Asem leaders told: Counter crises effects with people-centered policies

    Veronica Uy
    06 Noviembre 2012
    En los medios

    The people’s pauperization and environmental destruction caused by the still-raging global financial crisis must be countered with people-centered policies and practices, international civil society groups told state leaders of Asia and Europe Tuesday.

  14. Desmantelemos el Poder Corporativo

    19 Junio 2012

    ¡Desmantelamos el capital poder corporativo!

    ¡Por el fin de la impunidad de las Empresas Transnacionales!

  15. Dismantle Corporate Power

    15 Junio 2012

    Call to International Action for the economic, political, cultural and environmental sovereignty of our peoples.
    End the impunity of transnational corporations Now!

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    Civil Society Gaining Ground

    • Tom Kramer
    15 Noviembre 2011

    Local organisations have adopted different strategies towards the authoritarian government in Burma. Focussing on the dynamics of civil society Tom Kramer looks into the possibilities and risks of growing international interest in engagement with these groups.

  17. África concentra los debates de la crisis mundial

    08 Febrero 2011

    Un debate central en el seno del FSM se concentra en la efectividad de la lucha política del movimiento global contra el capitalismo.

  18. Voices from the World Social Forum

    Susan George
    08 Febrero 2011

    Although initiated as a counter-forum to Davos, the World Social Forum has evolved beyond it now, focusing on the root causes of problems facing humanity and developing real alternatives as solutions.

  19. Sad Spectacle in Istanbul

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    19 Julio 2010

    If left-wing ideas have become popular again and social movements in Eastern Europe have strengthened, why is the European Social Forum in decline?