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  1. Leaving the war on Terror A Progressive Alternative to Counter-Terrorism Policy

    30 Enero 2020 - Evento

    Britain’s counter terrorism policies do not work. As the threat of another war in the Middle East looms, we invite you to join us for an invigorating and engaging discussion on the impact of the War on Terror in Britain and how to promote a progressive, alternative approach to counter-terrorism policy.

  2. Democratic socialism in global perspective

    29 Mayo 2020 - Evento

    A conference on electoral politics and transformative perspectives in the Americas and Europe.

  3. China y la Iniciativa de la Franja y la Ruta

    • Stephanie Olinga-Shannon, Mads Barbesgaard, Pietje Vervest
    06 Diciembre 2019

    Este documento presenta un marco para entender la Iniciativa de la Franja y la Ruta.

  4. Transformative Cities People's Choice Award 2019 Finale

    04 Diciembre 2019 - Evento

    On the occasion of the International Conference ‘The Future is Public’, the Transformative Cities Initiative will bring 8 of the finalists together to debate and discuss the opportunities and challenges for transforming our local contexts so we address the global challenges we are facing. During this unique event we will announce which initiatives received more popular support and who will receive the Transformative Cities 2019 People’s Choice Award.

  5. Future is Public Conference: Democratic ownership of the economy

    05 Diciembre 2019 - Evento

    Public ownership is at the heart of an alternative vision, one that puts people, public services and the planet first. This movement has inspired the City of Amsterdam, TNI and the many international partners to organize the international conference Future is Public: Democratic Ownership of the Economy in Amsterdam.

  6. Extractivisme et Résistance en Afrique du Nord

    • Hamza Hamouchene
    20 Noviembre 2019

    L’extractivisme a réaffirmé le rôle des pays d’Afrique du Nord en tant qu’exportateurs de nature et fournisseurs de ressources naturelles, en consolidant leur intégration subordonnée dans l’économie capitaliste mondiale.

  7. Extractivism and resistance in North Africa

    • Hamza Hamouchene
    20 Noviembre 2019

    Northern African countries are key suppliers of natural resources to the global economy, from large- scale oil and gas extraction in Algeria and Tunisia, to phosphate mining in Tunisia and Morocco, to water-intensive agribusiness paired with tourism in Morocco and Tunisia. The commodification of nature and privatisation of resources entailed in these projects has led to serious environmental damages, and forced these countries into a subservient position in the global economy, sustaining and deepening global inequalities.

  8. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

    • Stephanie Olinga-Shannon, Mads Barbesgaard, Pietje Vervest
    29 Octubre 2019

    This paper outlines a framing for how to understand the Belt and Road Initiative.

  9. Global Campaign: Week of Peoples Mobilisation

    12 Octubre 2019 - Evento

    Join in to reclaim peoples rights over investors and corporate profits and impunity.

  10. Think Global Drink Local: Pub Quiz #6

    09 Octubre 2019 - Evento

    An exciting 6th edition of the Think Global Drink Local Pub Quiz, at the beautiful Brouwerij Poesiat & Kater.

  11. Walden Bello speaks on the rise of the Far Right,the Financial Crises, and China

    19 Septiembre 2019 - Evento

    Walden Bello tours Europe speaking on the rise of the far right, financial crises, and China. 

    Events in: Paris, Groningen, Coimbra, Lisbon, Berlin, Edinburgh, London, and Portsmouth. 

  12. Countdown to the Next Financial Crisis: Why? Where? When?

    23 Septiembre 2019 - Evento

    A conversation between Walden Bello and Prof Dirk Bezemer

  13. Counterrevolutionary Movements in the Global South and Global North: Convergences and Divergences

    23 Septiembre 2019 - Evento

    A conversation between Walden Bello and Prof. Jaap de Wilde.

  14. Psychedelic Liberty Summit

    25 Abril 2020 - Evento

    The Psychedelic Liberty Summit, organised by the Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines, will bring global experts to San Francisco to discuss legal, cultural, and political issues of the psychedelic renaissance. We are proud to be a community partner to this conference.

  15. Leaving the War on Terror – A Progressive Alternative to Counter-Terrorism Policy

    04 Septiembre 2019 - Evento

    Britain’s counter-terrorism policies do not work. They do not work for the British people, for the various communities in the UK whose experience of counter-terrorism has been one of stigmatisation and criminalisation, and they do not work for the people of the Middle East, South Asia and Africa whose human rights have been systematically violated in the War on Terror.

    NOTICE: Registration for this event is closed.

  16. Energy Transition and Democracy: Two inseparable paths

    09 Octubre 2019 - Evento

    A three-day programme that will offer an overview of the global energetic model and will look into the conflicts, struggles, resistances and experiences of several agents and movements confronting it.

  17. The Energy Charter Treaty:  a tool to combat climate change or an obstacle to the energy transition?

    04 Septiembre 2019 - Evento

    This debate will bring together international experts, policy-makers, trade and climate campaigners to discuss the potential threats and benefits of the Energy Charter Treaty.

  18. Biopolitical peacebuilding with Seán Brennan

    14 Agosto 2019 - Evento

    In drawing on core peace theorists and Michel Foucault, Seán Brennan has suggested a focus on biopolitics can innovate human agency to deliver the services required to regenerate communities emerging from violent conflict, by taking ownership of existing policies and resources and creating sustainable regeneration programmes that deliver basic human needs to marginalised and disadvantaged communities.

  19. Think Global Drink Local: Pub Quiz #5

    31 Julio 2019 - Evento

    An exciting 5th edition of the Think Global Drink Local Pub Quiz, at the beautiful Brouwerij Poesiat & Kater.

  20. Políticas de Drogas y Acuerdo de Paz

    14 Junio 2019 - Evento

    Una reunión de mesa redonda que busca una actualización de la situación en Colombia referente al tema de las políticas de drogas y (la implementación de) el Acuerdo de Paz.