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    Doha: Dormant but Dangerous

    Susan George
    02 Diciembre 2006
    While there are still attempts to revive the WTO Doha Round, the EU is concentrating on bilateral and pluri-lateral trade agreements. These are more dangerous to smaller countries, so including a ‘democracy clause’ in the agreements is even more important, but also more difficult, says George in her speech at the conference “Fundamental rights and the global market.”
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    This Is Going to Hurt

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    16 Noviembre 2006
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    South-South Strategic Alternatives to the Global Economic System and Power Regime

    28 Octubre 2006

    An exciting development in recent years is the number of new South-South inter-governmental alliances that are emerging to defend their interests and challenge the bias of the current global trade and investment regime.

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    Whose Europe? Our Europe!

    Susan George
    01 Octubre 2006
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    EU-Asia Free Trade Agreements

    01 Octubre 2006
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    Sbilanciamoci Conference on Common Goods

    Susan George
    31 Agosto 2006
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    GATS and Corporate Political Power

    Erik Wesselius
    18 Mayo 2006
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    Lettre de retour de Bamako aux camarades d'ATTAC

    Susan George
    23 Enero 2006
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