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    Polis & Demos

    31 Octubre 2006
    In reviewing and comparing experiments with participatory budgeting and democratisation in Montevideo and Porto Alegre, the book aims to contribute to a more extensive and deeper understandings of left politics and democratic public policies in Latin America and the Global South.
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    The interplay of the independent media and radical politics.

    Hilary Wainwright
    01 Agosto 2006
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    Participatory Budgeting in Canada:

    01 Febrero 2006

    In Canada, participatory budgeting is being applied in new ways, generating new strategies for progressive urban politics. This paper explores the initial Canadian experiences with participatory budgeting: Guelph's Neighbourhood Support Coalition, Toronto Community Housing's Tenant Participation System, and Ridgeview School's participatory budget in Vancouver, as well as the City of Toronto's 'Listening to Toronto' budget consultations.