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  1. Luuk Schmitz


    Luuk is an intern for TNI's economic justice programme. His research activities involve trade and investment regimes and investment arbitration. TNI recently published a policy brief co-authored by Luuk: Central and Eastern European countries at the crossroads: why governments should reject investment arbitration in TTIP. Luuk is Dutch and studies Political Science at the Radboud University...

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    Wilbert van der Zeijden


    Wilbert van der Zeijden is a political scientist and former Coordinator of the International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases. He works with the Dutch organisation IKV Pax Christi as researcher on nuclear issues

  3. Pietje Vervest


    Pietje Vervest estudió Antroplogía Económica. Está especializada en la agenda de comercio e inversión de la Unión Europea y en el régimen internacional de inversiones....

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    Michael Klare


    Michael Klare is a professor of Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire University, a renowned analyst on oil politics and US defence policy and was TNI's first Phd graduate when TNI used to run an academic programme through a virtual US university.

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    Richard Falk


    Richard Falk is a former IPS/TNI fellow, an American professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University, writer, and appointee to two United Nations positions on the occupied Palestinian territories. UN Special Rapporteur for the occupied Palestinian territories.

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    Roberto Elissalde


    Roberto Elissalde is a Uruguayan journalist who served as editor of the Public Services Year book, assisted with the a TNI fellows’ seminar ("Selling US Wars") in Montevideo, a seminar on the Latin American left, and facilitated work for the drugs programme in the country.

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    Zia Mian


    Zia Mian is a research scientist with the programme on science and global security, based at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. He is a columnist of Foreign Policy in Focus, and contributor to TNI's Militarism and Globalisation project

  8. Manuel Perez Rocha

    Manuel Pérez-Rocha

    Investigador adjunto

    Manuel Perez Rocha is an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies, and regular contributor to TNI's Alternative Regionalisms programme who has been associated with TNI since 1996 when he began work on EU-Latin America relations.

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    Saul Landau


    TNI Senior Fellow and former Director of TNI (1976), Landau was an award-winning filmmaker, journalist and author. Landau wrote on US politics and foreign policy and produced more than forty films on social, political and historical issues, and worldwide human rights. He died from cancer at age 77 on September 9 2013....

  10. Walden Bello


    Author of more than 14 books, Bello was awarded the Right Livelihood Award (also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize) in 2003 for "... outstanding efforts in educating civil society about the effects of corporate globalisation, and how alternatives to it can be implemented." Bello has been described by the Economist as the man “who popularised a new term: deglobalisation.”...

  11. Hilde van der Pas


    Hilde van der Pas se unió al programa Justicia Económica, Poder Corporativo y Alternativas en julio de 2011. Hilde tiene una licenciatura en Periodismo y un máster en Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad de Amsterdam.

  12. Cecilia Olivet

    Coordinadora del proyecto Comercio e Inversión

    Cecilia Olivet es politóloga, especializada en la agenda de comercio e inversión de la Unión Europea y en el régimen internacional de inversiones. Cecilia es uruguaya, tiene una licenciatura en Relaciones Internacionales de la Universidad de la República en Uruguay y una maestría en Política Internacional y Asia Meridional de la Universidad de Warwick, Reino Unido. En 2005 comenzó a trabajar en...