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  1. 12 victories of social movements in 2015

    24 Diciembre 2015

    To inspire us for action in 2016, TNI picked 12 significant victories of social movements in 2015 that show that, despite the immense challenges we face in a world of unprecedented concentration of corporate, financial and military power, people power works.

  2. Indonesia’s alternative approach to ISDS

    Riza Damanik
    05 Noviembre 2015
  3. The UNASUR initiative

    Cecilia Olivet
    05 Noviembre 2015
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    Financial Governance Beyond the Crisis

    • Interview by Sofia T. Jarrin
    10 Octubre 2011

    Dr. Pedro Paez talks about the creation of a new financial architecture in Latin America, based on principles of redistribution, environmental sustainability and social cohesion rather than market principles that dominated the old architecture.