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  1. Village meeting in Magyi

    Investing in Mon State?

    MACDO, Mads Barbesgaard
    04 Febrero 2019

    How beneficial is the new policy of encouraging investment in Myanmar's Mon state?

  2. Vasos comunicantes

    Vasos comunicantes... Derechos humanos, cultivo ilícito y desarrollo alternativo

    • Martin Jelsma
    22 Noviembre 2018

    ¿Cómo podemos solventar las tensiones entre los enfoques actuales en materia de control de drogas y las obligaciones de los Estados con respecto a los derechos humanos? El marco internacional de de los derechos humanos especifica explícitamente que, en caso de conflicto entre las obligaciones contraídas por los Estados en virtud de la Carta de la ONU y sus obligaciones contraídas en virtud de cualquier otro convenio internacional, prevalecerán las obligaciones impuestas por la Carta. En un momento de auge de los mercados regulados de cannabis, es hora de reivindicar los principios del desarrollo alternativo, los derechos humanos y el comercio justo para garantizar un lugar legítimo a los pequeños productores en estos mercados lícitos.

  3. Connecting the dots... Human rights, illicit cultivation and alternative development

    • Martin Jelsma
    22 Octubre 2018

    How can we resolve the tensions between current drug control policies and states’ human rights obligations? The international human rights framework clearly establishes that, in the event of conflicts between obligations under the UN Charter and other international agreements, human rights obligations take precedence. As legally regulated cannabis markets start to grow, now is the time to secure a legitimate place for small farmers using alternative development, human rights and fair trade principles.

  4. Polarising Development – Introducing Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis

    • Thomas Marois, Lucia Pradella
    13 Mayo 2015

    Social movements and critical scholars have triggered renewed debate on possible different futures for on developmental change. They  are no longer tethered to the pole of ‘reform and reproduce’. A new pole of ‘critique and strategy beyond’ neoliberal capitalism has emerged

  5. Tratados de libre comercio y conflicto en Colombia

    Lyda Fernanda Forero, Danilo Urrea
    16 Octubre 2014

    Las últimas movilizaciones populares en Colombia no responden a una problemática coyuntural, sino que surgen de la resistencia a factores estructurales en los que los tratados de libre comercio desempeñan un papel clave.

  6. The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition

    • Nora McKeon
    27 Mayo 2014

    Global corporations are increasingly influencing development policy, resulting in partnership agreements like the New Alliance for Food and Nutrition Security that grow corporate profits while endangering the livelihoods of small-scale farmers.

  7. Exorcising the Curse of Voodoo Economics

    David Sogge
    14 Abril 2014

    Reclaiming Development, a closely-argued critique of neoliberal economic policy, is debunking development orthodoxies at its best. Republished now, ten years after its first appearance, the book has lost none of its relevance for students and those trying to re-direct economic policies away from their financialized doom-loops.

  8. Beyond Development

    23 Octubre 2013

    Latin America is at the forefront of thinking on how to build a new sustainable economy that rejects consumerism and extractivism. An exciting compilation on new ideas such as Buen Vivir that are reshaping the global debate on how to live in harmony with each other and nature.

  9. Tax the Rich

    Praful Bidwai
    22 Marzo 2013

    The Human Development Report 2013 highlights the rise of the Global South as the main drivers of the world economy, but rapid economic growth does not always equate to improvements in human development as India's experience shows.

  10. The Marikana massacre

    17 Septiembre 2012 - Evento
  11. Desmantelemos el Poder Corporativo

    19 Junio 2012

    ¡Desmantelamos el capital poder corporativo!

    ¡Por el fin de la impunidad de las Empresas Transnacionales!

  12. Dismantle Corporate Power

    15 Junio 2012

    Call to International Action for the economic, political, cultural and environmental sovereignty of our peoples.
    End the impunity of transnational corporations Now!

  13. El lado oscuro de los acuerdos de inversión

    Cecilia Olivet
    07 Febrero 2012

    Al firmar tratados internacionales de inversión, los gobiernos entregan el derecho soberano de regular en el interés de las personas y el medio ambiente, y corren el riesgo de gastar millones en demandas judiciales.

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    Eric Holt-Giménez: What's wrong with the industrial food system and the challenges facing food justice movements

    Eric Holt-Giménez
    12 Enero 2012

    In the industrial or corporate food regime, hunger is a staple commodity. Agrarian and food justice movements have come a long way in building an alternative system, but there are still many challenges.

  15. The Dark Side of Investment Agreements

    Cecilia Olivet
    16 Diciembre 2011

    Signing international investment treaties, in the hope of attracting foreign investments, has been a central strategy for governments looking to improve economic development. The less known side of this story is that by signing investment treaties, governments are giving away the sovereign right to regulate in the interest of people and the environment. They also expose themselves to the risk of spending millions in law suits that could have been used to serve public needs. It’s time that the dark side of investment is put under the spotlight.

  16. The Land Deal Politics Initiative

    13 Octubre 2011

    The Land Deal Politics Initiative calls for applications to their small grant competition. Grants are available to undertake original field research, carry out follow up fieldwork on an ongoing related initiative, or write up a paper based on research. 

  17. New Biofuel Project in Isabela

    Jennifer Franco, Danny Carranza, Joann Fernandez (Rightsnet)
    07 Octubre 2011

    A Philippines biofuel project would appear to fit the World Bank's definition of a "win-win" scenario with its promise of jobs and conversion of 'idle land'. However a closer look unveils corporate manipulation, political corruption and exploitation of subsistence farmers that typically accompanies so-called "responsible investment"

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    African political unity must be more selective: A blueprint for change

    • William Gumede
    22 Septiembre 2011

    There cannot be any clearer illustration of the impotence of Africa’s continental and regional institutions to find local solutions to the continent’s problems, than their numbing inaction in the face of the wave of popular rebellions against dictators in North Africa sweeping across the continent.

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    Global Inequalities, Alternative Regionalism and the Future of Socialism

    • Tom Reifer
    30 Agosto 2011

    This paper examines global inequalities and the future of capitalism and socialism through an investigation of the oligarchic wealth on which the current global order is based and also looks at growing challenges to these social foundations of the present global system.

  20. Shining and starving

    Praful Bidwai
    23 Agosto 2011

    Under neoliberalism, income and regional disparities have got bloated to a point where the country's rich and the poor live in two separate worlds.