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  1. El TiSA y la amenaza a los bancos públicos

    • Thomas Marois
    24 Abril 2017

    El Acuerdo sobre el Comercio de Servicios (TiSA) representa un ataque contra el carácter público de la banca pública en todo el mundo.

  2. TiSA and the Threat to Public Banks

    • Thomas Marois
    21 Abril 2017

    The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is an attack on the future publicness of public banking around the world. 

  3. Lazard: El lucro de privatizar

    • Lyda Fernanda Forero, Sol Trumbo Vila
    21 Marzo 2017
    Policy briefing

    Algunas actuaciones de Lazard en la Unión Europea (UE) ponen en tela de juicio la conveniencia e imparcialidad de sus asesorías a una empresa pública como EMCALI.

  4. Interview: Keynesianism and the great recession

    Walden Bello
    02 Marzo 2017

    Keynesianism offered important tools for overcoming the economic crisis, but its application by Obama's government was too half-hearted and misdirected (going to banks rather than households) to effectively reduce the recession. Clinton paid the price.

  5. Keynesianism in the Great Recession

    • Walden Bello
    22 Febrero 2017

    The derailment of progressive Keynesianism by Obama’s conservative, technocratic Keynesianism resulted in a protracted recovery, continuing high unemployment, millions of foreclosed or bankrupt households fending for themselves, and more scandals in a Wall Street where nothing had changed. Obama did not pay for this tragic outcome in 2012, but Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

  6. The Bail Out Business

    • Sol Trumbo Vila, Matthijs Peters
    22 Febrero 2017

    The Bail Out Business is the most comprehensive and thorough analysis of the response to the 2008 financial crisis to understand who benefits from rescue packages in the EU. How effective were the bail out measures? What were the hidden costs to the taxpayer? and what was the role of the Big Four (audit firms) and financial consultancy firms in the business of designing and implementing bail out programs in EU Member States?

  7. On financialisation, exit options for capital and sites of resistance

    Daniel Chavez, Ewald Engelen
    09 Diciembre 2016
  8. Over Financialisering, exitopties voor kapitaal en mogelijkheden tot verzet

    Daniel Chavez, Ewald Engelen
    09 Diciembre 2016
  9. The European crisis through the lens of financialisation

    Antonio Tricarico
    09 Mayo 2012

    The financial sector through the Euro crisis hopes to further extract wealth from public sectors, driven by its goal to commodify the whole economy and nature itself.

  10. Time for the EU to shut down the casino

    Myriam vander Stichele
    22 Julio 2011

    Until the European Commission shows it has learnt the lessons of the 2008 financial crisis and demonstrates the political will to re-regulate the financial sector, it will be unable to resolve the crises in Greece, Ireland and Portugal

  11. Corporate capture at the heart of Europe

    Olivier Hoedeman
    06 Octubre 2010

    The Irish government announcement of a €34 billion Euro bailout, two years after the financial crisis first broke, is a reminder that little has been done to prevent it happening again just as the social costs are becoming ever more evident.

  12. Sus crisis, nuestras soluciones

    • Susan George
    17 Mayo 2010

    El nuevo libro de Susan George, Sus crisis, nuestras soluciones (Icaria, 2010), analiza el régimen de globalización neoliberal e intenta      explicar que las finanzas y la economía determinan un mundo enormemente desigual y que el planeta está viéndose reducido a la   categoría de cantera y vertedero.

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    Cuba Undertakes Reforms in Midst of Economic Crisis

    Roger Burbach
    21 Septiembre 2009
    The long food queues in Cuba are still causing frustration, but the open process Raul Castro is following to resolve these issues heralds a new path to socialism in the 21st century.
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    Bilan d'un an de crise

    15 Septiembre 2009

    Henri Guaino Conseiller spécial du président de la République. Susan George (à 8h40) : Politologue franco-américaine, ancienne vice-présidente d'Attac.

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    La crise, et après? Agir pour la reprise, inventer un nouveau modèle (Video)

    Susan George, Jean-Michel Baylet, Olivier Dartignolles, Pierre Moscovici, Vincent Peillon, Thomas Philippon
    03 Septiembre 2009
    Séance plénière de l'université d'été de Parti Socialiste. Animé por Laurent Fabius.
  16. The virtues of deglobalisation

    Walden Bello
    03 Septiembre 2009
    The Economist has attributed the term "deglobalisation" to Walden Bello. Whilst the magazine considers the term a negative one, Bello argues that it is fast becoming a reality and offers a paradigm for escaping the neoliberal straitjacket.
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    Wishful Thinking Won’t Solve the Crisis

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    23 Julio 2009
    The more the authorities refuse to change the system, preferring stop-gap measures, the more they will be caught in a downward spiral and the more they will lose control of their policies — and the economy as well.
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    No Bernie Madoff for the most vulnerable to blame

    Saul Landau
    21 Julio 2009
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    Confessions of Cassandra

    Boris Kagarlitsky
    20 Julio 2009
    The change of technological cycles, exhaustion of resources and market saturation, class struggle and even growing grassroots wariness of propaganda will lead to change, even it is only short-term.
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    No Consensus on the Washington Consensus

    John Cavanagh, Robin Broad
    10 Julio 2009
    Today, just as faith in deregulated markets has evaporated in the nightmare on Wall Street, so too is the long reign of market fundamentalism ending in the development arena.