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    The WTO Doha round and EPAs in an era of crisis

    23 Septiembre 2010

    The language contained in agreements being negotiated by the EU through the WTO with their southern counterparts often deliberately diguises real political goals, obscuring the negative economic implications for those countries of the neoliberal agenda.

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    Debating Europe: WTO Doha Round and EPAs in an era of crisis: salvation or suicide for ACP countries? (Video)

    Ignacio Iruarrizaga Díez
    16 Diciembre 2009

    The international free trade and investment policies and the related WTO agreements played a major role in undermining so many developing countries' economies. The proponents of tese policies, including the EU, are now urging the govenrments of the world to end their resistance to such policies within the WTO.

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    APE: Raviver l’esprit de combativité

    Susan George
    01 Diciembre 2007
    La mobilisation contre l’AMI est l’une des victoires du mouvement altermondialiste. Alors que l’UE négocie des accords similaires avec les pays ACP, peut-on envisager un nouveau succès ?
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    ¿Del consenso de Washington al consenso de Viena?

    • Roeline Knottnerus, Abel Esteban
    07 Diciembre 2006
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    South-South Strategic Alternatives to the Global Economic System and Power Regime

    28 Octubre 2006

    An exciting development in recent years is the number of new South-South inter-governmental alliances that are emerging to defend their interests and challenge the bias of the current global trade and investment regime.

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    Field Guide to the Global Economy

    • John Cavanagh, Sarah Anderson, Thea Lee
    01 Mayo 2005

    This fully updated and expanded second edition of The Field Guide to the Global Economy presents the latest facts to help make sense of the rapidly changing international economy.

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