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  1. Colombia: The Heresy of the Manicheans

    Ricardo Vargas
    01 Abril 1997
    Alongside the emergence of a new social sector arising from the drug economy in Colombia, has been an increase in the use of violence against those State officials most committed to applying justice.
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    Colombia's Blowback

    Frank Smyth
    01 Diciembre 1997
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    Coca Fumigation Hinders Colombian Peace Negotiations

    Martin Jelsma
    01 Noviembre 1998
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    Colombia: Onbereikbare vrede

    Martin Jelsma
    01 Mayo 1999
  5. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Illicit Drug Trade

    • Ricardo Vargas
    07 Junio 1999
    Policy briefing

    While escalating civil conflict in Colombia is attracting increasing international interest and concern, the complex relationships between drug trafficking, political violence, and the many actors involved in the social conflict in Colombia are often absent from the debate.

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    Drug Cultivation, Fumigation and the Conflict in Colombia

    Ricardo Vargas
    01 Octubre 1999
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    Drug Crops and Peace Process in Colombia: A Proposal for Peace

    Martin Jelsma, Ricardo Vargas
    01 Junio 2000
    A radically different approach to the current War on Drugs must be developed and integrated into the Peace Plan for Colombia otherwise the drug circuit and armed conflict will continue to undermine the prospect of realizing the goals of the Peace Process ultimately bringing to an end the war in Colombia.
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    Europe Rejects Plan Colombia

    Martin Jelsma
    12 Febrero 2001
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    Europe and Plan Colombia

    • Martin Jelsma, Ricardo Vargas
    20 Abril 2001
    Policy briefing

    The first issue of the Drugs & Conflict Debate Papers is devoted to the controversies that have arisen around Plan Colombia.

  10. Fumigation and Conflict in Colombia

    • Martin Jelsma, Ricardo Vargas, Virginia Montañés, Amira Armenta
    20 Septiembre 2001
    Policy briefing

    The second issue of our series is dedicated to the controversial topic of Colombia’s aerial fumigation of coca and opium poppy fields.

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    Alternative 'Drugs & Peace' Policy for Colombia, proposed by TNI & Acción Andina

    Drugs and Democracy
    26 Junio 2002

    The Transnational Institute (TNI) and Colombian partner, Acción Andina (AA), today announce a detailed alternative policy proposal on illicit drug crops and the peace process in Colombia.

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    Colombia: Drugs & Security

    02 Enero 2005
    Policy briefing

    The consequence of associating the 'war on drugs' with the 'war on terrorism' is that the failure of the former could end with the failure of the latter. The predominant military approach to 'narcoterrorism' fails to recognise the complex factors underlying both the drug problem and the violence; it assumes that the drug problem can be solved by force and that the armed conflict can be resolved by intensifying the conflict - that is, more war on war; and it has facilitated the consolidation of conventional drug-trafficking structures.

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    Colombia's Options

    Mariano Aguirre
    18 Julio 2005
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    Anti-drug Policies in Colombia: 25 Years of Failure

    Ricardo Vargas
    17 Noviembre 2005
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    Colombia and Drugs recommended links

    17 Noviembre 2005

    Useful websites and documents on Colombia, drugs and conflict.

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    Colombia: A Crusade in Tatters

    Ricardo Vargas
    17 Noviembre 2005
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    Colombia: country profile

    19 Septiembre 2006