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  1. Video: Tratado transatlántico, la maniobra multinacional

    Susan George
    19 Diciembre 2013

    Susan George explica cómo las multinacionales se están movilizando para imponer el tratado transatlántico con medidas de su interés.

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    Trade deal branded 'rule for the corporation by the corporation'

    05 Septiembre 2013
    En los medios

    Susan George chairs the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. She says the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement could give powerful companies the right to challenge domestic laws which restrict their future profits.

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    Offshore firms not paying tax share

    05 Septiembre 2013
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    A LEADING international political economist has warned that democracy is being damaged by the insidious creep of transnational corporations into government policy and their refusal to adopt country-by-country accounting practices, which have helped them avoid taxes.