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  1. La “solidaridad incondicional” de la izquierda latinoamericana con el chavismo

    04 Abril 2017
    El apoyo incondicional de las izquierdas latinoamericanas al chavismo reforzó las tendencias negativas del proceso venezolano.
  2. Memories of the Sandinista Revolution, Nicaragua

    26 Noviembre 2017 - Evento

    This Sunday--in cooperation with Filmhuis Cavia--the Transnational Institute hosts the documentary “Heiress of the wind” .

  3. The "unconditional solidarity" of the left with Chavismo

    Edgardo Lander
    31 Marzo 2017

    The Latin American left’s unconditional support of Chavismo has reinforced the negative tendencies of the Venezuelan experience. Many leftists around the world have not learned from past mistakes and end up endorsing “mafia governments” such as that of Nicaragua, and that “when the Venezuelan model collapses”, the international left may simply “look elsewhere”.