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  1. El nuevo saqueo de África

    • David Fig
    06 Febrero 2015
    Policy briefing

    El actual saqueo en África es una reedición de las tradicionales relaciones imperialistas queel continente experimentó durante el colonialismo. Pero, ¿cuáles son las diferencias entre el pasado y el presente? ¿Quién detenta el poder en último término?

  2. State of Power 2014 cover

    State of extraction: The new scramble for Africa

    • David Fig
    06 Febrero 2014

    In recent years Africa has experienced waves of new investment, particularly in mining, energy and agriculture, and has seen elevated commodity exports. These flows are tantamount to a new scramble, creating wealth for foreign direct investors, some local entrepreneurs and a growing comprador class. Resources are typically exploited without raising the living standards of the people and at significant environmental cost. On the ground this has engendered significant resistance. The new scramble is a modification of traditional imperialist relationships which Africa experienced with former occupying colonial powers. But how do we understand the differences between the old and new scrambles? Who ultimately holds the power?