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    Southern Africa: "Reclaim Control over EPA Talks"

    Servaas van den Bosch
    31 Marzo 2010
    En los medios

    Southern African governments must regain control over the negotiations on the trade deals known as economic partnership agreements (EPAs).

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    “La UE dice: firmad o se acaba la ayuda”

    Dot Keet
    27 Octubre 2009

    Lo último que deberían hacer los países en desarollo es atarse a acuerdos de larga duración como los Acuerdos de Asociación Económica.

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    Stop the Violence Against Peruvian Indigenous People

    16 Junio 2009

    The Indigenous populations of the Peruvian Amazonia started a general and peaceful strike for almost 60 days to protest against 10 legislative decrees promoted by the Peruvian Government in order to comply with the Free trade Agreement (FTA) with US that threatens their rights and their environment. More specifically, the FTA with the US permits oil and mining companies to enter 44 out of 75 million hectares of Amazonian forest, which are Indigenous territories, without any kind of agreement or even consultation.

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    África Austral: Integración en terapia intensiva

    Dot Keet, Aileen Kwa
    27 Mayo 2008
    Como resultado de los acuerdos de asociación económica con la Unión Europea (UE), para fomentar el libre comercio, la integración entre los países de África austral se encuentra en terapia intensiva.
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    Southern Africa: whither regional integration?

    Dot Keet, Interviewed by Aileen Kwa
    22 Mayo 2008
    As a result of the free trade agreements with the European Union, called economic partnership agreements, regional integration in Southern Africa is in tatters. The question arises: what kind of integration would engender broad-based development?
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    "En África nos enfrentamos a un terrible peligro si permitimos el libre comercio con los europeos"

    Dot Keet, realizada por Aloia Álvarez Feáns
    24 Septiembre 2007
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    From Washington Consensus to Vienna Consensus?

    • Roeline Knottnerus, Abel Esteban
    12 Enero 2007