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  1. A war on dissent?

    Kevin Blowe
    30 Octubre 2018

    The Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) campaigns against police surveillance on political dissent and the regular smearing of activists and groups as “domestic extremists”. Kevin Blowe explains how the police are closing down the space for protest in the UK.

  2. The Blue Fix

    • Zoe Brent, Mads Barbesgaard, Carsten Pedersen
    29 Octubre 2018
    Policy issue

    This brief explores the politics behind the promise of ‘blue growth'. We have discovered that the discourse around blue growth, blue economy, blue revolution and the like is a masterfully mixed and powerful cocktail. The ingredients that make up this mix are the subject of this brief, and our intention is to explore the function of each component of the cocktail.

  3. Fair, Clean and Democratic Energy: mPOWER meets Municipalize Europe!

    06 Noviembre 2018 - Evento

    In a Europe governed in the interests of the few, where the far right is on the rise, towns and cities are building new ways to do politics and defend the common good from the bottom up. In Spain, 'cities of change' are combating speculation and defending the right to housing. In Italy, local governments are creating new legal mechanisms to protect the urban commons, and cities across Europe are taking energy and water delivery back into public hands after failed privatisations. Municipalism is transforming Europe from the bottom up.

  4. El puño escondido: cambio climático, capitalismo y ejército

    El puño escondido: cambio climático, capitalismo y ejército

    Nick Buxton
    25 Octubre 2018

    El modelo capitalista y el militarismo –en particular el imperialismo de Estados Unidos– no son fuerzas paralelas, sino que están inextricablemente entrelazadas.

  5. EU-handelsverdragen met Singapore en Vietnam strijdig met SER-meetlat

    24 Octubre 2018
    Press release

    24 oktober – De EU heeft tijdens een Azië-top in Brussel handel- en investeringsakkoorden met Vietnam en Singapore ondertekend, die Europese standaarden voor voedselveiligheid, milieu en arbeid dreigen te ondermijnen. Handel anders! roept Nederlandse Europarlementariërs op niet in te stemmen met deze handelsverdragen voordat ze aan de criteria voldoen van de SER-meetlat. Handel anders! is een collectief van boeren, vakbonden, ngo’s, ondernemers, journalisten en academici voor duurzame en eerlijke handel.

  6. Alternative development and human rights

    Martin Jelsma
    24 Octubre 2018

    Around the world, millions of people depend on the cultivation of coca, opium poppy and cannabis for basic subsistence. The 1961 Convention introduced strict controls on the cultivation of these plants and banned centuries-old traditional medicinal, cultural and ceremonial uses. The 1988 Convention reinforced those provisions, obliging states to eradicate illicit cultivation and to impose criminal sanctions.

  7. Does the Hague Court of Arbitration bring justice for the oil victims of the Amazon or does it deliver the opposite?

    25 Octubre 2018 - Evento

    This debate on Thursday 25 October focusses on the impact of pollution on indigenous peoples as well as the working of national and international legal instruments, in particular The Hague Court of Arbitration. How does it operate? Who are the judges? Who benefits?

  8. Una audaz plataforma de política exterior para la nueva ola de legisladores de izquierda en los Estados Unidos

    Phyllis Bennis
    22 Octubre 2018

    Socialistas y otros progresistas se presentan a las elecciones en los Estados Unidos provistos de fuertes programas de política interior. He aquí cómo su plataforma de política exterior podría ser igual de fuerte.

  9. Connecting the dots... Human rights, illicit cultivation and alternative development

    • Martin Jelsma
    22 Octubre 2018

    How can we resolve the tensions between current drug control policies and states’ human rights obligations? The international human rights framework clearly establishes that, in the event of conflicts between obligations under the UN Charter and other international agreements, human rights obligations take precedence. As legally regulated cannabis markets start to grow, now is the time to secure a legitimate place for small farmers using alternative development, human rights and fair trade principles.

  10. International Women's Day 2017 march in Mardrid

    Ecofeminismo (o cómo acelerar el camino hacia la democracia energética)

    Lavinia Steinfort
    19 Octubre 2018

    Las crecientes demandas en favor de la feminización de la política ―y por ende de la política energética― exigen mucho más que un simple aumento de la representación de mujeres en puestos de dirección. Debemos cuestionar cómo se diseñan las políticas energéticas. Debemos preguntarnos: ¿energía para quién y para qué?

  11. La forma más elegante de acabar con la prohibición mundial del cannabis: la modificación inter se

    18 Octubre 2018

    Los países que están adoptando regulaciones contravienen el derecho internacional. En este vídeo, explicamos una estrategia para resolver esas tensiones jurídicas y facilitar un cambio gradual y sostenible a escala global.

  12. The elegant way to end global cannabis prohibition: Inter se modification

    18 Octubre 2018

    Countries that embrace legal regulation find themselves in breach of international law. In this video, we explain a strategy to resolve those treaty tensions and to enable progressive and sustainable change at the global level.

  13. Guía básica sobre la esencia de las políticas del Partido Laborista en el Reino Unido

    Satoko Kishimoto
    16 Octubre 2018

    El Partido Laborista del Reino Unido está alentando a las bases y estimulando la movilización de los trabajadores y las trabajadoras, al mismo tiempo que muestra un liderazgo cada vez más sólido. Su reciente congreso anual, organizado en paralelo al festival político The World Transformed (TWT), son motivo de esperanza.

  14. A response to Professor John Ruggie's 'Comments on the “Zero Draft” Treaty on Business & Human Rights'

    Harris Gleckman
    11 Octubre 2018

    Prof John Ruggie has shared his comments on the Zero Draft treaty on TNCs and human rights on this blog earlier this month. His core concerns are that the zero draft has not adequately deal with ‘scale’ and ‘liability’. This response argues that Ruggie’s arguments in opposition to the binding treaty are misdirected and they fail to recognise the historic opportunity offered by the Human Right Council to create a human rights remedy system for corporate abuse across national boundaries.

  15. Panel Invitation: ISDS after Achmea and NAFTA 2.0: The beginning of the end?

    18 Octubre 2018 - Evento

    The world's investor state dispute settlement (ISDS) system faces the largest crisis in its history. Why is the European Commission rejecting the justified criticism that can be found all over the world?

  16. La solidarietà verso i migranti e i rifugiati occupa uno spazio sempre più ristretto

    • Yasha Maccanico, Ben Hayes, Samuel Kenny
    10 Octubre 2018

    La “crisi dei rifugiati” europea (come viene definita da molti osservatori, tralasciando il fatto che si tratta in realtà di una Crisi dell’Europa come progetto politico), simbolizzata dall’immagine di Alan Kurdi, il bambino siriano di tre annitrascinato dal mare sulle spiagge turche, ha innescato un’ondata di solidarietà e azioni di disobbedienza civile sia da parte delle organizzazioni della società civile che da parte dei normali cittadini. Tutti questi sforzi facevano parte di un’ondata di compassione che ha visto l’organizzazione di convogli per recarsi nei centri di accoglienza per rifugiati, calorosi benvenuti presso stazioni ferroviarie tedesche e file in strada per offrire cibo e acqua a chi percorreva l’arduo cammino partendo da zone devastate dalla guerra in Siria e in altre parti del mondo.

  17. Odio, frustración y valores reaccionarios

    Gonzalo Berrón
    09 Octubre 2018

    La expresiva performance del candidato ultraderechista Jair Bolsonaro, del Partido Social Liberal (PSL), puede ser explicada por tres factores que actuaron de forma simultánea: antipetismo (odio), rechazo al sistema político (frustración) y la consolidación cultural de valores conservadores en la sociedad brasileña.

  18. Wat uw gemeente zelf doet, doet ze beter. 5 argumenten tegen privatiseringen.

    Satoko Kishimoto
    09 Octubre 2018

    Er waart een zachte revolutie door de wereld. Een revolutie die de heersende opvatting van gisteren achterhaald verklaart: dat overheden efficiënte, goede en goedkope diensten het best garanderen door die (vaak voor een appel en een ei) over te dragen aan de privésector. Nee dus.

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  19. Podemos

    • Frans Bieckmann
    08 Octubre 2018

    Dutch political scientist and activist Frans Bieckmann analyzes the roots, the identity and the challenges of Podemos, a new political movement that fights corruption, unemployment and inequality, and provides lessons for new political strategies all over Europe.

  20. ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ၏ တိုးတက္မႈဆိတ္သုဥ္းလ်က္ရွိသည့္ ၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရးလုပ္ငန္းစဥ္ႏွင့္ ဖြဲ႔စည္းပံု အေျခခံဥပေဒ တည္ေဆာက္ေရး

    Sai Wansai
    08 Octubre 2018

    ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ၏ ျပည္တြင္းၿငိမ္းခ်မ္းေရး ေစ့စပ္ညွိႏိႈင္းမႈ လုပ္ငန္းစဥ္မ်ား အလုပ္မျဖစ္သျဖင့္ လက္ရွိအခ်ိန္၌ ေရွ႕မတိုးသာ ေနာက္မဆုတ္သာျဖင့္ တိုးတက္မႈဆိတ္သုဥ္းလ်က္ရွိသည္။