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  1. Cannabis: The comeback of a banned medicine

    22 Junio 2015
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    "When pure and administered carefully, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess,” wrote British physician John Russell Reynolds in 1890, praising the substance’s curative properties.

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    La marihuana legal coloca más, pero cura menos

    22 Marzo 2015
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    La legalización de la marihuana tiene un doble efecto: aumenta la potencia de su mayor principio activo, pero disminuye la presencia de componentes medicinales. Esas son las principales conclusiones de un análisis de la maría que se vende en Colorado (EE UU), donde el consumo y cultivo de esta droga es legal desde el año pasado. Tras el análisis de más de 600 muestras, los químicos de Charas Scientific calcularon que la potencia media de la maría legal de Colorado es de un 18,7%, aunque algunas muestras alcanzaron hasta un 31%, lo que la convierte en la mejor hierba del mundo.

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    Importação de canabidiol, substância da maconha, terá regras simplificadas pela Anvisa

    17 Diciembre 2014
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    A importação do canabidiol (CBD) — substância da maconha usada no tratamento de crises epilépticas recorrentes, entre outras doenças — terá regras simplificadas. A medida foi anunciada num encontro na sede da Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Anvisa), em Brasília, em que receberam famílias que reivindicam a desburocratização do acesso a medicamentos à base do componente para uso em crianças que sofrem síndromes graves.

  4. KanaVape: Cannabis e-cigarette to go on sale in the UK

    16 Diciembre 2014
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    The vaping trend seemingly knows no bounds as the first “cannabis” e-cigarette goes on sale in the UK. The KanaVape, which contains hemp, has been legalised for use in France by people with cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS) and other conditions requiring pain relief. It will go on sale around the world tomorrow but the Home Office has cast doubt on whether that would be legal, saying the product must be tested for controlled substances. KanaVape cannot be compared to a joint because it does not contain THC, the chemical causing cannabis highs.

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    Maconha: Brasil discute mudanças, mas não vai votar agora

    05 Abril 2014
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    No último dia 20 de março, uma decisão do juiz Marcos Augusto Ramos Peixoto, da 37ª Vara Criminal do Rio de Janeiro, rejeitou uma denúncia do Ministério Público Estadual pedindo a prisão de um homem detido com nove gramas de maconha e 18 gramas de cocaína. Em sua sentença, o magistrado usou uma série de referências jurídicas para afirmar que o uso de drogas jamais deve ser visto como crime, mas sim, na pior das hipóteses, como um problema de saúde.

  6. Non-psychoactive CBD oil made from marijuana plants poised to be game-changer

    29 Marzo 2014
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    A Colorado marijuana innovation is changing the way lawmakers in even the most conservative parts of the country talk about cannabis and is poised to create a rapid expansion in the number of states that have legalized marijuana in some way. But many marijuana advocates view the new political campaign with skepticism, fearing it could halt their movement's momentum. Taken to its logical conclusion, medical marijuana could be a "box canyon" for broader legalization efforts.

  7. The city of Utrecht wants to convince mentally ill marijuana users to smoke better pot

    12 Septiembre 2013
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    Thanks in part to the Netherlands' policy of marijuana decriminalization, there are people living in the Dutch city of Utrecht whose addiction to cannabis prevents them from getting effective treatment for mental illness. According to a September 10 statement from Utrecht Mayor Wolfsen, "There is a group of about eighty people with a chronic psychotic disorder who barely respond to their treatment. A possible explanation for this is their severe dependence [on] cannabis."

  8. The Israeli pharmacologist who kick-started marijuana research

    13 Mayo 2012
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    Half a century ago, Hebrew University Prof. Raphael Mechoulam isolated and synthesized THC, the main psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. By 1963, Mechoulam and his research partners had revealed the structure of cannabidiol (CBD), a key ingredient in cannabis. By the following year they had isolated THC for the first time, established its structure and synthesized it.

  9. Combination of cannabinoids and opiates could help reduce chronic pain

    07 Diciembre 2011
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    A UCSF study suggests patients with chronic pain may experience greater relief if their doctors add cannabinoids - the main ingredient in cannabis or medical marijuana - to an opiates-only treatment. The findings, from a small-scale study, also suggest that a combined therapy could result in reduced opiate dosages. Cannabidiol, or CBD, appears to be very effective against pain and inflammation without creating the "high" created by THC.

  10. Study finds no cancer-marijuana connection

    25 Mayo 2006
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    The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer. The new findings "were against our expectations," said Donald Tashkin of the University of California at Los Angeles, a pulmonologist who has studied marijuana for 30 years. Marijuana also contains the chemical THC, which he said may kill aging cells and keep them from becoming cancerous.

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    Marijuana and Medicine

    • Janet E. Joy, Stanley J. Watson, Jun Borras, Sebastian Scholl , John A. Benson, Wendy Wolford
    01 Enero 1999

    The medical use of marijuana is surrounded by a cloud of social, political, and religious controversy, which obscures the facts that should be considered in the debate. This book summarizes what we know about marijuana from evidence-based medicine--the harm it may do and the relief it may bring to patients. The book helps the reader understand not only what science has to say about medical marijuana but also the logic behind the scientific conclusions.

    Access the book (outside link)